Campus News - October 29, 2001

Inclement weather plan set

The UNM Public Affairs Department, in cooperation with other campus offices, will use a variety of methods to inform UNM students, employees and the public whether the University will be open, closed or cancel classes due to inclement weather conditions.

UNM employees and students will receive news about closures and cancellations via the news media or by dialing “277-SNOW” to access a recorded message. UNM News Minute subscribers will also be notified via email. Individuals with computer access can check the UNM website for updates at

Depending on the decision made by UNM President William Gordon in consultation with the UNM Police Chief Kathy Guimond, one of four messages will be conveyed.

The first three messages address weather conditions that exist prior to 8 a.m., the fourth message addresses the occurrence of bad or severe weather conditions after the University’s business day has begun.

UNM students and employees can get more information about work schedules due to closures and cancellations because of weather conditions by consulting the Inclement Weather policy, No. 3435, in the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual.

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