Campus News - September 17, 2001

UNM staff counsels grieving community
University can be source of strength, Gordon says

The University’s sense of community can provide a source of strength to help people cope with the recent tragedy in America, says UNM President William C. Gordon.

“...I would hope that this sense of community endures and that we come together in support of each other as each of us tries to understand and cope with these tragic events,” he said in a statement issued last week.

“This is a time when, above all else, we need to be supportive of our colleagues and friends, and we need to treat each other with the civility and respect each of us deserves and needs,” Gordon said, adding that “the University will continue to monitor national and local events and will continue to make the safety and well being of its faculty, staff and students its highest priority.”

Across campus, departments and organizations rallied to provide support for those at UNM and the greater community.

AGORA, the UNM student run crisis center, responded immediately to offer counseling to members of the university and statewide communities distraught and concerned about the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

The center received more than 50 calls

operations AGORA had six individuals who worked on the day of the attacks, with three staying to answer phones all night.
Crisis counselors in some cases referred them to both the Red Cross and United Blood Services.

UNM Counseling Assistance and Referral Service (CARS) and the Student Health Center provided emergency counseling services.

The SHC worked with the Dean of Students Office to set up a crisis room at a residence hall Tuesday afternoon.

All three UNM centers continue to be available for individual and group counseling.

The College of Education Art Therapy Program in the Art Education Building opened its studios free of charge to the community.
The UNM Continuing Education Center responded to a request from United Blood Services to provide its facilities for people interested in donating blood.

The UNM Women’s Resource Center (WRC) made its group room in Mesa Vista Hall available through Sept. 26. The room provides art supplies to allow people an alternative way to express their feelings. The center also has two therapists who can provide crisis intervention.

The UNM Alumni Relations Office opened the UNM Alumni Memorial Chapel last week for all members of the University community who wanted a place for private prayer or reflection.

Many UNM campus ministries and organizations held special services. The Public Affairs Department (PAD) will continue to report activities related to the crisis.

For information, call AGORA, 277-3013; CARS, 272-6868; SHC, 277-3136, WRC, 277-3716 or PAD, 277-5813.

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