Campus News - September 17, 2001

New format for job postings Oct. 1

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President/ Director Human Resources

If you’ve ever read official UNM job postings, you know they include so much information it can be hard to focus on what’s important.

That is about to change.

Beginning Oct. 1, job postings will have a new format featuring what hiring officers want to say and what applicants need to know. No longer will all the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and Duties and Responsibilities be listed on the posting. Web technology now allows us to list the Official Job Description as a hyperlink while the posting itself will contain important specifics about the vacancy.

Hiring officers can send us an engaging summary of the job duties for their opening. It will appear in the posting in paragraph form with bulleted items. Customized department preferences will also be posted as easy-to-read bullets.

Other links on the posting are to the online Employment Application and Supplement To Resume form. If hiring officers send us the link to their department Web site, we will include that on the posting as well.

Employment Office staff are standing by to help hiring officers prepare summaries and preferences for any job. Give us a call if you want assistance or advice.

To transition to this new posting format requires us to postpone new postings for a five-day period: Sept. 24 to Sept. 28. This will allow us to close out postings in the old format and begin the new format without advertising the same vacancy in two different ways.

Hiring requisitions received by 5:00pm on September 19th will be posted by the 24th.  Requisitions received after that time will have postings created in the new format and will be published to the Web beginning October 1st. 

Another improvement is coming Oct. 1—a revised UNM Employment Application. This is to prepare for an exciting innovation due early in 2002 when UNM begins to phase out paper employment applications in favor of electronic, Web-based applications. The changes in the paper application prepares us for electronic screening.

When you see the new applications, you will notice that applicants will be estimating the percentage of time they have spent performing duties similar to those listed in the vacancy. We expect these changes to improve the accuracy of screening, get you your applications faster, and improve the quality of the applicant pools.

Check the HR Web site at for more information about the new postings and applications.

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