Campus News - September 17, 2001


Mike PrineMike Prine, a self proclaimed "people person," says his volunteer work puts a face on the University.

Prine, a technical support analyst III at Computer and Information Resources and Technology (CIRT), is a consummate volunteer, and especially enjoys donating time at UNM-sponsored events.

His job is primarily behind a computer, he says, so he takes advantage of every opportunity to meet and serve the public.

Most recently, Prine helped out with the UNM Route 66 gala and will volunteer for this week's University Day at the State Fair.

“As soon as I learn that I am going to be organizing a UNM event, the first thing I do is put Mike on my list of people to contact," said Eleanor Sanchez, marketing specialist, University Communications and Marketing. “We can always rely on him. He is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have and has become a familiar face to regular visitors at UNM sponsored events.”

“I get along with everyone,” he says. “I like the interaction with people when I am out volunteering. Each event is different and it gives me a chance to break away from my daily routine.”

His day includes installing various software programs on the UNM computer system and serving as a troubleshooter at CIRT. He began working at UNM as a student employee and has been at UNM for nearly 23 years. He primarily works with Mirada packages and sets up programs on the Internet for campus- wide use.

Prine says he is fortunate to work at UNM where he can teach and help new employees and students in his division. “Every semester is different,” he says. “There is never a dull moment.”

This spring, he was recognized by his peers with the Provost Award for his dedication and service to UNM.

Prine also volunteers for the New Mexico Solar Energy Association where he educates individuals about the advantages of using solar energy. He encourages everyone to check out to learn more about the association.

He participates in two to three solar events each month throughout the state such as State Fair, Earth Day, Solar Fiesta at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and more. Solar energy is low maintenance and is an excellent way to save money, he says. His residence is partially solarized and last winter his heating bill was cut in half, he says. Prine's goal after retiring from UNM is to invest in a motor home and make it solarized.

Prine rides his bike daily to and from work and says it’s a great way to avoid parking at UNM and construction around the city.
“I also do it for the health of it,” he said, adding that he and his wife, Elaine have a son Keith, 13.

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