Campus News - April 23, 2001

Garley stays involved at UNM-Valencia
Serves as president of UNM-Valencia Staff Association

By Chad Perry

Sue Garley, Office Administrator, UNM-Valencia Campus Dean of Instruction Office.Sue Garley doesn’t see her role so much as "office administrator," but as a problem solver in the UNM-Valencia Campus Dean of Instruction’s Office.

Garley is approached daily by faculty “who come to me to resolve issues,” she said. “I manage the office and that means that I’m involved with anything to do with faculty support.”

Besides assisting the dean and faculty, Garley also oversees a staff that includes workstudies and receptionists. She is also directly responsible for strategic planning for the dean’s office, as well as coordinating budgets for her office and all of the faculty departments.

Probably her most important task, though, is coordinating scheduling of classes between department chairs and the dean. This is a very important task because these schedules are then posted on the UNM-Valencia website and are produced in printed form before the fall and spring semesters.

She, in fact, designed a schedule for the campus once. The public affairs position was open and a schedule needed to go to press.

“But I don’t really know how to do desktop publishing,” Garley explained, “so I did it in Word.”

“I really enjoy doing different things,” she continued. “I will volunteer to fill in. Because of that I feel I have a better understanding of the campus.”

As of July 2001, Garley will celebrate her fifth anniversary at the UNM-Valencia Campus. She started as an administrative assistant III, then became the scheduling coordinator, and was recently named office administrator.

What changes has she seen in five years?

“I’ve seen a bottom-to-top effort made in the future direction on this campus through the strategic planning process,” Garley said. “There is a sense of constancy and a sense of progress here, and this progress has come with a sense of stability.”

Garley was very involved in the UNM-Valencia Campus’s recently completed strategic plan. She plays a key role on the UNM-Valencia Strategic Planning Committee as she is the current president of the UNM-Valencia Staff Association.

“Being president of the staff association has been a professional development experience for me,” she said. “I have been surprised about how it has benefited me personally. I’ve gotten to know my co-workers so much better.”

Garley needs only six more hours to complete a master’s in public administration. She and her husband Ed have eight grandchildren and are currently raising their 10-year-old grandson, Clinton. She said that between her job, school and Clinton, she doesn’t have much time for anything else. “But Clinton keeps us young,” she added.

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