Campus News - April 23, 2001

Kassicieh finds balance

By Steve Carr

Suleiman "Sul" KassiciehNowadays people are doing far more as part of their daily routine with seemingly less time. Striking a balance with work, family and extracurricular activities requires dedication, discipline and focus.

For Suleiman “Sul” Kassicieh, regents’ professor and director of the Management of Techonlogy (MOT) Program at The Anderson Schools of Management, finding that balance means taking the time to do the things that are important.

“I guess the picture I am trying to paint is this life where I don’t get much sleep anymore,” Kassicieh said. “My life is one busy day after another.”

Kassicieh, who also serves as chair for the department of Finance, International and Technology Management, was recently named this year’s outstanding faculty member at The Anderson Schools for his community service, and teaching and research excellence.

Some of Kassicieh’s outside activities include serving as council president for his church and work with Arab American organizations including the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

When you add in all the lunches and dinners that Kassicieh attends on behalf of the MOT Progam, the demands on his time are many.

Kassicieh’s work at The Anderson Schools also takes him abroad to places like Brazil, where recently he worked on an exchange agreement on behalf of the MOT Program with universities in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. He will soon be in Munich Germany, where he will attend a Microsystems conference.

“I travel quite a bit,” said Kassicieh. “I have three or four trips per year overseas in addition to the many conferences in this country.”

But there’s more.

“I have two kids that I have to take to basketball and volleyball games,” said Kassicieh about his children Charlie, 15, and Christina, 13.

Additionally, Kassicieh also finds time -- or makes time -- to go to the gym at least three times a week.

“When I am in town I hit the gym,” said Kassicieh. “Very few things keep me from going to the gym on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Even when I travel I take my exercise equipment with me.”

So how does Kassicieh keep his personal life and work obligations balanced?

“The way I try to do it is by really focusing on what I am currently doing,” Kassicieh said. “When I spend time with my family, I try to give them 100 percent of my attention and try not to worry about work. When I am doing work, I focus and concentrate on work.

“In a way I think you learn from experience. You give your full attention to what is at hand, but try to keep an eye on the balance,” Kassicieh advised.

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