Campus News - April 23, 2001

Meadows rewards UNM staff

By Frank D. Martinez

Kathy Meadows, Faculty Services Assistant, Continuing Education/Extended University.Kathy Meadows finds that working at UNM is a rewarding experience.

“I like working with people,” she says, describing an attitude that is likely to help her be successful in her position as Faculty Services Assistant in the UNM Division of Continuing Education/Extended University.

She says she enjoys her job because she has opportunities to interact with people in various ways. In addition to coordinating all of the faculty services, she also does accounting and handles some registration functions for the Division. “I get to work with faculty, students and staff around campus. It’s a lot of variety and that makes for a lot of fun,” Meadows said.

Serving on Staff Council also provides a way for her to work with people. “I’ve been a Staff Councilor since the Staff Council started in 1990.

I was recently reelected to my fourth term,” she says.

She also has served as a member and former co-chair of the Staff Council Rewards and Recognition Committee, which organizes the annual Staff Recognition Picnic and various staff award programs including the Gerald W. May Outstanding Staff Recognition Award. “Most of us just want to feel appreciated by our employers and working on this committee gives me the opportunity to share and implement some of my ideas about how to reward employees.”

Her work on the Staff Council Rewards and Recognition Committee recently led her to organize and become chair of an employee Rewards and Recognition Committee for the Division of Continuing Education/Extended University.

Meadows says she has enjoyed her association with the University and Continuing Education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1982 and, since then, has held positions with the College of Nursing, RIDEPOOL, Human Resources, the Faculty Contracts Office/Academic Affairs and, since 1992, the Division of Continuing Education.

When she’s not working she enjoys swimming, walking, sewing and reading. Meadows says she enjoys learning about the history and culture of New Mexico and has taken many continuing education classes to further that interest.

In addition, she loves to spend time at home relaxing with her husband of 17 years, Kirk, and their 10-year-old daughter, Christine, and her two Labrador puppies.

How has her association with UNM been rewarding?

“I learn something new everyday. There are so many interesting and talented people on campus. I really have a lot of fun at work.”

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