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2005 Publication Schedule

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Publication Date
Dec. 2
Dec. 12

2006 Publication Schedule

Copy Deadline

Publication Date

Jan. 6

Jan. 17

Feb. 3

Feb. 13

March 3

March 13

April 7

April 17

April 28

May 8

June 2

June 12

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Aug. 21

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Nov. 4

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Dec. 11

Copy and photos to be considered for publication in UNM Today, UNM's faculty and staff newspaper, are due to our office no later than the first Friday of each month (due April 28 for May issue).

The newspaper is generally published mid month and on hiatus in July.

Story and photo suggestions, notables, staff/faculty spotlight column nominations and brief items of interest may be submitted to UNM Today, University Communication and Marketing, MSC04 2545, Welcome Center at the Cornell Parking structure.

Send news items via email to lmellas@unm.edu and submit calendar information in the Submit An Event form at http://www.unm.edu/news/AddEvent.html. Call 277-5915 or 277-5920 for information.

UNM Today is also published online and available via listserv. To subscribe: send a blank message to: UNMToday–L -subscribe-request@unm.edu .


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