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December 13, 2000


Recipients of the Gerald W. May Staff Awards UNM Administrative Assistant Frances Duran, Senior Student Advisor Andrew Gonzalez, Program Assistant Lisa McHale, Food Service Site Operator Genevieve Padilla and Remodeling Supervisor Jerry Pilkinton are the 2000 recipients of the Gerald W. May Staff Recognition Awards.

The Gerald W. May Staff Recognition Awards, which are named after the former UNM President, are the highest honor bestowed upon staff. The recipients were honored at a ceremony sponsored by the President’s Office where each received an inscribed plaque and a $250 check. The five were selected by Gordon following a screening process conducted by the Staff Council and Rewards and Recognition Committee. They were among more than 80 staff employees nominated by their peers, supervisors, students, faculty and others on the basis of their outstanding service and their effective and positive representation of the UNM, among other criteria.

Duran, who has worked at the UNM Valencia branch campus for eight years including the first three as a workstudy, earned her bachelor’s degree with a 3.5 GPA while raising four children as a single parent at the time.

The nominating information for Duran states, “Frances is always positive and always willing to help with any task at hand. She is extremely conscientious of her attendance, shows initiative and attention to detail and is always willing to take on new tasks. She has shown innovation by implementing a training guide for workstudy employees and has implemented various computer programs in order to be more efficient in record keeping and program organization.”

Gonzalez works in El Centro de la Raza and completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degree while being employed by UNM. He was appointed by UNM to help develop an online mentoring program for the University of Puerto Rico’s Hispanic Educational Telecommunication System.

The nomination information for Gonzalez states, “Andrew represented UNM during the annual Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities conference and on the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators advisory committee of the Health Education and Leadership Program regarding HIV/AIDS awareness. Andrew created his job description over five years ago and continues to take on and encourage academic challenges both for himself and the students he works with.

“Andrew is El Centro de la Raza’s Rock of Gibraltar. He not only does exceptional work for El Centro, but also for this campus. He is well-known and respected on campus and is constantly being asked to sit on countless boards and committees.”

A program assistant at the Anderson Schools of Management, McHale’s nomination information explains, “the Anderson Schools have been working to achieve a positive outreach in alumni and internal relations. Lisa has been the cornerstone and sustaining agent in the process. She has single-handedly performed the challenging role of external affairs assistant in the absence of any consistent senior staff.

“As a result, in her seven-year tenure, she has assumed responsibility for Anderson’s Hall of Fame Dinner; has staffed and provided leadership to all external affairs events including the ‘care and feeding’ of such notable guests as Betty Friedan, Jim Osterreicher and Edsel Ford; has coordinated mailings to alumni; has been the primary point of contact for our Foundation Board and has had other key roles in other programs. Without Lisa’s hard work for more than a half decade, we would be unable to leverage our efforts as we are now doing. Lisa is a relationship builder, recognizing that relationship building is the basis for all efforts in external affairs.”

The food service site operator at the School of Law’s Institute of Public Law, Padilla’s nominators say, “She’s extremely pleasant and takes the job seriously and cares about the type of job she does. She is never crabby, nor is she careless. Genevieve is almost indispensable to us. She is reliable, consistently friendly and helpful to her clients. She often asks for feedback to discover what specials her customers would enjoy.

“Genevieve is unfailingly calm and collected on the job even when there is a line of people waiting for food, she maintains her cheerful demeanor and caring attitude. She is the heart of the UNM Law School. She does such a wonderful job that people come from other departments and buildings. She knows all our names and cares about all of us.”

Pilkinton’s role as a remodeling supervisor touches many across campus. His nomination says: “Jerry supervised the remodeling of their office suite. This process took several months during which time, with countless delays that were beyond his control, he maintained a very courteous and professional attitude. He went above and beyond his job description by offering to contact other organizations directly when he could have said it was not his area.

“He was always willing to work with us even when we would want a change in the middle of a project. He even came in on his days off to check on the progress and make sure everything was running smoothly. He kept the staff apprised of the remodeling timetable and would check with us several times a day to make sure that everyone was comfortable and satisfied. He works with a variety of individuals, including contractors, vendors, clients and his own employees. He treats each with courtesy and respect and with a sincere concern that never falters.”

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