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December 18, 2000


Jennifer HalbleibUniversity of New Mexico student Jennifer Halbleib was one of 40 students selected from colleges and universities across the United States to receive a Marshall Scholarship announced Sir Christopher Meyer, British Ambassador. The recipients will each receive a scholarship worth approximately $50,000 distributed over two years.

Thirty-four U.S. colleges and universities are represented in this year’s list of Marshall Scholars. Harvard tops the list with five Marshall Scholars, while Brown has two. The Marshall Scholarships cover tuition costs, books, travel and living expenses while in the United Kingdom.

With her selection, Halbleib becomes the second UNM student to receive the prestigious scholarship in as many years. Robert Ward, a physics major and a May 2000 graduate received the scholarship last year and is now studying quantum computing at Oxford University. Ward was the first UNM student to receive the scholarship in 20 years.

Halbleib, a 1997 graduate of St. Pius X High School and a biochemistry student at UNM, will attend Oxford University where she will study for her doctorate in cellular and molecular biochemistry. She plans a career in cancer research. The co-author of many scientific articles, Halbleib approaches her studies with a passionate enthusiasm bringing an ability to elucidate scientific and technical problems in a clear and concise fashion understandable to any layman.

Halbleib has also taken an active interest in the community volunteering for projects such as Habitat for Humanity and the Special Olympics.

“The unique atmosphere which the Marshall scholarship provides will foster my creative as well as my scientific development and enable me to put myself in a position to make a significant impact on my field,” Halbleib said. “It means that I will have the opportunity to be a part of and exchange ideas with the European community as well as to study at a premier international university with some of the leading investigators in my area of interest.”

Halbleib was one of four UNM students interviewed for the available scholarships. Anna Nogar, biochemistry/Spanish; Amber Ussery; political science/English; and Meghan Morris, bachelor of university studies with a concentration in Spanish and Latin American studies were also part of the selection process.

Financed by the British Government the Marshall Scholarships, named after the former U.S. General George Catlett Marshall, were established and instituted by the British Parliament in 1953 as a gesture of thanks to the people of the United States for the assistance received in the aftermath of World War II whose personal support made the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) possible and whose name has been associated with it ever since.

The scholarships provide an opportunity for American students, who have demonstrated maturity, self-reliance, self-discipline, intellectual distinction, academic excellence and leadership potential, to continue their studies for two or three years at a British University.

Former prominent Marshall scholars include U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer; U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt; New York Times foreign affairs columnist, Tom Fiedman; and the scientist/inventor, Ray Dolby.

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