Campus News - June 30, 2001


UNM Professor of Music Bradley R. Ellingboe was recently awarded his second consecutive award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

The award, the ASCAP Plus, was founded by Irving Berlin and is given “to assist and encourage writers of serious music.” The cash award is granted by an independent panel and based upon the value of the each writer’s catalog of original compositions as well as recent performances. Ellingboe’s body of work, more than 60 published pieces of choral work sung at schools and churches around the country, was judged as a whole.


Black and White Magazine, a national publication devoted to fine art photography, will recognize Professor Emeritus of Art and Art History Van Deren Coke with the cover story of its August issue.

The article explores his life, career and association with UNM and the University Art Museum exhibition and catalogue which illustrate his impact on UNM's world class photograpic collection.

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