March 1, 2007

Dear UNM Faculty and Staff,

The Board of Directors of the former Faculty Club is pleased to announce that the club has become the UNM Faculty/Staff Club. Hence, this letter is an open invitation to all staff and faculty, who are not current members, to join the club. The bylaws have been changed, the Board enlarged to accommodate staff members, and the facility is now named the UNM Faculty/Staff Club. The UNM Faculty/Staff Club provides an environment where faculty and staff can meet to relax, engage in potential collaborations, or other networking activities. The club is in a beautifully restored building on campus, at 1923 Las Lomas. Only a 7-8 minute walk from the Medical, Law, and Engineering schools; it is even closer for other departments.

At present we currently have 310 members in the club, but wish to grow this membership to 700. Members will be accepted on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, until 700 is reached. After that, employees who wish to join the club will be added to a waiting list.

Members can purchase lunch and breakfast items Monday through Friday, as well as hot, catered lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, we schedule special events from time to time. For example, we have social receptions in the early Fall, just before the holidays, and in the late Spring. We sponsor special events like wine tasting, outdoor barbecues, and seminar speakers. This semester we have engaged campus-musicians to provide music every Friday afternoon (5-7pm). Additionally, members can book any of the conference rooms in the facility for their use at any time during the week.

A unique feature of the club is that we offer wine and beer at the facility for purchase every afternoon and evening, M-F, 4:30-7pm. On Friday afternoons, in conjunction with our scheduled music events, we offer happy hour prices on the wine and beer...$2 for beer and $2.50 for a glass of wine.

There is a very simple process to join the club; visit our website at and click on "Membership", then click on "Payroll Deduction Form". Simply follow the instructions on the form, sign, then send to our membership committee chair, Lisa Marbury (address is on the form). All club members, faculty and staff, pay dues of $5 per month for their membership. The membership dues are applied to the expenses of the club: labor costs, costs for special events, subsidized costs for food and drink, internet service, magazine subscriptions, and others.

Since we will be expanding our membership, physical access to the club will be via the use of your Lobo Card. There is a card-swipe system on the outside door, and faculty and staff who are members will simply swipe their cards for entry. This system will be in place, for members only, later this spring. Members are allowed to bring in a guest if they wish.

And, finally, since our membership is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of months, your Board is developing plans for the club to remain open for limited hours during the summer and inter-sessions.

I encourage all of you take advantage of this offer now. Our website also provides a more complete list of the membership benefits, as well as a list of special events and menus for the hot buffet lunches. Please visit that site today. Feel free to stop by the club for a visit. We look forward to the club becoming a vibrant and enjoyable place to convene on campus for all faculty and staff.

Timothy Ross

President, UNM Faculty/Staff Club