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April 12, 2001
The University of New Mexico Tamarind Institute has received $50,000 from the Trust for Mutual Understanding in New York to conduct workshops and lectures in eastern Europe.

Tamarind staff members will travel to Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia between June 2001 and February 2002. In each area, the staff will conduct workshops or lecture on American printmaking and familiarize themselves with the artists working in each region. The Tamarind staff will select one artist from each of the countries to participate in a month-long residency at Tamarind in June 2002. They will make lithographs in collaboration with Tamarind printers. Exhibitions of the work created in conjunction with the project will be shown in their countries and in the United States.

Marjorie Devon, director of the Tamarind Institute, said she is excited that the staff will be given the opportunity to interact with artists from these countries, where there is a strong printmaking tradition.

“This project will give us the opportunity to learn more about the art of eastern Europe and share our expertise,” Devon said. “At the same time it will offer artists from the former Yugoslav Republic a forum for sharing ideas and experiences in a neutral situation.”

Tamarind Institute is a center for fine art lithography that trains master printers, engages in teaching and research, and houses a professional collaborative studio for artists. Tamarind is recognized internationally for its contributions to the growth of contemporary printmaking around the world.

The Trust for Mutual Understanding is an agency that supports cultural and ecological projects designed to promote understanding between peoples of eastern Europe and the United States.


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