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April 24, 2001


From the board of directors to the video crew to the night's honorees for excellence in the arts, University of New Mexico staff and faculty took center stage at the recent Albuquerque Arts Alliance 17th Annual Bravos Awards.

Serving on the board of directors and 2001 Bravos Committee are former UNM First Lady Donna Peck, immediate past president; Dianne Bonnell, Music Prep School; and Christina Fenton, Health Sciences Center. Pam Hurd-Kneif, Architecture and Planning, serves as board secretary; and Sherry Burr, Law School, as board member.

Faculty Eva Encinias-Sandoval received a Bravos Award for Excellence in Dance; and Professor Emeritus Rudolfo Anaya was honored with the award for Excellence in Literary Arts.

Tom Dodson, College of Fine Arts dean, received the President's Award for Lifetime Excellence in the Arts.

Members of the awards selection committees are Kim Feldman, Alumni Relations; Elizabeth Hadas, UNM Press; Paul Suozzi, Center for the Arts; Ellen McCullough-Brabson, Music; and Jon Cooper, KNME-TV. In addition, several UNM alumni participated in various roles.

Marty Ronish of KUNM served as emcee and the UNM Marimba Band performed at the reception. KNME-TV station manager Jon Cooper and staff Eric Mathes and Randy Lantz produced the awards video.

The Albuquerque Arts Alliance celebrates, supports, strengthens and promotes arts creators in music, dance, theatre, visual and literary arts. Achievement is realized through advocacy and service efforts and the implementation of the city's Cultural Plan.

The Bravos Awards were held on April 21 at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque.


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