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August 13, 2001


The University of New Mexico College of Education (UNM COE) and Bernalillo Public Schools today announced their partnership to improve K-12 education using a two-year, $141,000 grant from Hewlett-Packard Company. Approximately 75 percent of the funds are earmarked for computer equipment. The remainder will support professional development of Bernalillo teachers and UNM COE student teachers and will fund research to understand the impact of leading-edge education technology on teaching and learning.

"We are particularly pleased because the UNM COE and Bernalillo partnership is one of only 10 recipients nationally of HP's School of Education/K-12 Technology Collaboration Grant," said Jeff Hale, Ph.D., UNM COE director of development. Hale coordinated and wrote the proposal to receive the grant.

The grant provides an HP Wireless Mobile Computing Classroom, which combines hardware, software and services to create a wireless one-to-one computing environment that provides real-time access and results for students, teachers, and parents.

Thirty wireless, Internet-connected HP Omnibook notebook PCs will be available for students to use simultaneously. A WIN MobiLAN ONE motorized cart allows the computers to be moved between classrooms, securely houses and charges the batteries in the computers when not in use, and is the base for an HP Officejet multifunction, all-in-one product, combining printer/copier/scanner/fax capabilities. An HP digital camera is also included.

In addition to the hardware, the HP Wireless Mobile Classroom includes the NetSchools Orion online curriculum alignment and integration system, as well as the "Discourse Teaching Suite" of software from Mindsurf Networks, which integrates the use of the notebook PCs in the classroom by connecting the teacher with every student on every lesson.

A pilot group of 10 Bernalillo High School teachers will receive training in the use of these innovative technologies. They will then prepare and implement curriculum plans integrating the new technologies directly into student learning.

Barbara Vigil-Lowder, education technology coordinator with Bernalillo Public Schools, will assist with project coordination, in cooperation with the ten high school teachers.

The teacher preparation is part of an overall strategy to improve academic learning across the Bernalillo High School curriculum. The pilot group will apply the new lesson plans in classrooms serving approximately 240 students.

An additional project goal includes researching the appropriate and most effective uses of wireless computing solutions in K-12 classrooms.

Lyn Oshima, Ph.D., assistant professor in the UNM COE division of language, literacy, and sociocultural studies, will coordinate the training. Assisting Oshima with project research will be several UNM COE graduate students.

The grant period is July 2001 through June 2003.


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