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August 14, 2001


Roger Hagengruber has been named director of the University of New Mexico Institute for Public Policy (IPP), effective Aug. 1.
Hagengruber is senior vice-president for National Security and Arms Control at Sandia National Laboratories and has served as adjunct faculty in the Political Science Department for more than 20 years.

IPP, a component of political science at UNM, is a non-partisan forum for research, analysis, data collection and training. A major focus of IPP research is to understand public perceptions of the risks associated with technology-related activities such as nuclear waste management and genetically altered foods.

"I believe that IPP is a very valuable asset of UNM with substantial capability to support research," Hagengruber said. "The Political Science Department has placed trust in me to provide some leadership in caring for IPP and in developing opportunities for more policy research. I am energized by that challenge and those opportunities."

Hagengruber began his association with IPP in the mid 1980s, serving on its advisory board. UNM and Sandia have expanded interactions related to public policy and international affairs, including IPP projects during the past decade.

"Sandia has been supportive of my work with UNM for many years. I believe that the laboratory has the view that interactions of this type develop strategic opportunities of enormous potential for both institutions," Hagengruber said.

In 1998, Hagengruber was named the first senior vice-president in Sandia history recognizing his experience and the value of his contributions.

He attended the University of Wisconsin where he earned a bachelor's in physics, 1966, his master's, 1967, and Ph.D., 1971, both in experimental nuclear physics with a minor in electrical engineering. Prior to joining Sandia, he was assistant professor of physics at Western Michigan University.

"Dr. Hagengruber has worked closely with the IPP for many years on public opinion research related to international security, arms control and technological change," said Ken Roberts, chair of the UNM Political Science Department. "His appointment as director provides UNM with a unique opportunity to build a nationally recognized program for the study of public opinion and the policy implications of advanced technologies."

Said Hagengruber, "I am honored to have the opportunity to participate more actively in the UNM community and look forward to discussing with various faculty and departments prospects for expanding the contributions of IPP to the success of the University."


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