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December 19, 2001

UNM graduate departs to Guatemala to work as Primary education Teacher

Jennifer Pope, a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico will depart to Guatemala on Jan. 28 to work as a primary education teacher training volunteers for the Southwest Regional Recruitment Office for the Peace Corps.

Pope will serve two years and three months and will develop curriculum centered around health education in elementary schools in Guatemala.

Pope said she looks forward to her cross-cultural experience.

“I want to help people in a way that is not money-oriented,” Pope said, adding that she expects to return to New Mexico to teach.

She said she credits great stories from her uncle Jim Bellamy, who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chile from 1968-70, and her personal interest in adventure for deciding to serve in Central America.

Pope is the daughter of Janet Bellamy and Bill Pope and is a graduate of Valley High School.

Twenty-five UNM alumni are currently serving in the United States Peace Corps. Since 1961, 229 UNM Alumni have served in the Peace Corps.


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