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February 6, 2001

Candidate nominations accepted through February 13

The election for four elected community seats on the KUNM Radio Board have begun and will run through March 21, 2001.According to the KUNM Radio Board by-laws, the individual with the fifth-highest votes will be designated an "alternate." The elected alternate will be seated if one of the four elected community representatives is unable to complete his or her two-year term of office.

KUNM contributing listeners (members) will automatically receive ballots as a membership benefit. Any contributing listener who has made a minimum of one $20 contribution or more in the past two years will receive a ballot in the mail. KUNM staff members (paid and volunteer) will also receive ballots.

According to the Election Guidelines, the election will be carried out by the University of New Mexico's Office of the Provost, or its designee. For this election, the Provost has enlisted the assistance of the Secretary of the University for the nomination phase of the process. All questions regarding nominations should be directed to the office of the University Secretary, 277-4664.

Candidates who wish to be considered for these open seats may nominate themselves by submitting a one-page document with name, address, telephone number and a 50 to 75-word biographical sketch. Candidates must also provide a 50 to 75-word statement of the reasons for wanting to serve on the Radio Board.

Candidates' biographies and statements will be published in "Zounds" with the election ballot. This information will not be edited for content, but will be restricted to a maximum of 75 words for each item. Only the first 75 words of a candidate's biography and the first 75 words of the candidate's statement will be published. The same material will also be posted to KUNM's Internet website.

Nominations may be mailed or delivered to:

Secretary of the University
Scholes Hall, Room 101
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

The University Secretary will accept nominations now through 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13. In order to be a valid nomination, all candidate information listed above must be in the University Secretary's office by the deadline.

Interested parties may request the KUNM Radio Board Election information packet from the University Secretary's office 277-4664. The packet contains election guidelines, the UNM Regents "Policy on KUNM," the Regents' "By-Laws of the KUNM Radio Board" and additional election-related material. This information is also available on KUNM's website

Candidates will also be expected to participate in an on-air forum broadcast live on KUNM on Thursday, March 1 from 7 - 9 pm. Individuals can call in to the forum with questions or comments for the candidates' response. All ballots must be returned no later than March 9, 2001.

UNM students, staff and faculty are not eligible to be candidates for this community election since their constituencies are represented on the Radio Board through appointments.

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