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February 5, 2002


The University of New Mexico Student Health Center’s laboratory received a grade of 100 percent from the National Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Association and will be considered for a “Laboratory Excellence Award” awarded annually. Only six labs in the country have been recommended for this award this year by the inspector.

“This is an inspection that specifically addresses the quality of the laboratory work,” said Olga Eaton, Student Health Center director. “The inspection occurs every two years and we must pass the inspection in order to continue to run the laboratory.”
Karen Gentz, a medical laboratory technician, said that receiving 100 percent means that the laboratory is nationally recognized to serve our students.

“It was a pretty hefty process to get ready for the accreditation,” she said. “We meet all national compliances.”

The laboratory located in the Student Health Center provides a variety of tests for patients. Testing offered on site include complete blood count, sed rate, urinalysis, urine and GC cultures and pregnancy testing. Testing for group A Strep, (strep throat) and mononucleosis is also conducted in the laboratory.

“Basically any test your doctor wants done we either do here or collect specimen and send to reference lab,” Gentz said.
Gentz said the laboratory provides testing for a quicker turn around for students. “The laboratory provides better customer service for our doctors and patients,” Gentz said. “We focus on quality control and procedure control.”

The laboratory received one citation the last time it was reviewed and it entailed writing a procedure. Gentz said that a laboratory could get shut down if there are numerous citations.

“I am very proud of the staff and the excellent job that they are doing,” Eaton said. “This is a clear indication that we offer quality services to our students.”

The laboratory staff includes Lourdes Martinez, Shareef Jawadi, Ophelia Spencer, Gentz and weekend tech Rick Heyman.


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