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July 12, 2001

UNM Summer Bridge Program reaches out to minorities

For the eighth year, the University of New Mexico is currently hosting the Minority Engineering, Mathematics and Science (MEMS) Summer Bridge Program.

The four-week program is geared for incoming UNM minority freshmen who are interested in careers in engineering, math and science. This summer, 35 students are enrolled in several classes and participate in a variety of activities and events. Students come from across the country. One student is from Africa.

Tom Cummings, from MEMS, said the program is a great opportunity for students to get a head start with college and learn all about UNM.

“Most students in America come to school inadequately prepared in science, math and science related disciplines,” Cummings said. “We attempt in four weeks to hone their skills in these areas and to help them excel in their first year at UNM.”

The program also includes workshops in other fields such as chemistry, physics and biology. Students are organized into academic excellence workshops which work together with an upper level undergraduate facilitator.

“We also familiarize these entering freshmen with campus life through dorm living, classes meeting at different parts of campus and activities,” Cummings said.

He said data from past years indicates that retention is higher in engineering, math and science from students who participate in the program compared to those who do not participate.


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