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June 11, 2001


Since its inception in 1989, the University of New Mexico African American Studies (AAS) Summer Institute has hosted more than a dozen visiting African American professors.

"The institute is gaining national attention. It allows students, both undergraduate and graduate, to be exposed to African American scholars from across the country," said Shiame Okunor, Ph.D., AAS director. "This is a wonderful opportunity, especially on a campus where students are seldom taught by African American professors."

UNM has two visiting professors this summer - Doris Lynch, Ph.D., of Wiley College, Texas, who is teaching the course "Emancipation and Equality" and Vicki Crawford of Clark Atlanta University, Georgia, teaching "The Reconstruction Years."

The professors will also meet with members of the administration, faculty and staff and tour several facilities at UNM.

The institute was established to increase the number of accomplished African American scholars on campus who can relate unique global and continental experiences in the classroom. Past visiting professors include T.J. Davis, Ph.D., University of New York; Linda Haywood, Ph.D, Harvard University; Tiffany Patterson, Ph.D, Spelman College, and Lisa Brock, Ph.D., School of Art Institute of Chicago.

The group of distinguished scholars is also designed to serve as a national network to help with UNM's recruitment of African American faculty.


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