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November 27, 2001

UNM Ranked 16th as High-Impact U.S. University in Research articles

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering is ranked 16th out of the top 100 federally funded institutions in regard to the impact of research papers over the years 1996-2000 by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

UNM had 858 citations from 323 papers. The list is published in ISI’s Science Citation Index which measures the number of times a paper is cited by other researchers.

SOE Dean Joe Cecchi said he was pleased with UNM’s rank of 16th in impact in Engineering.

“Our ranking is a clear indication of the strong contributions that our faculty are making in engineering, and that is a result of our having been able to attract and retain outstanding faculty in the School of Engineering,” Cecchi said.

He said there are several reasons why the ranking is noteworthy.

“Most importantly, this is a quantitative ranking based on how frequently others in the field cite UNM engineering papers,” Cecchi said. “This rank is not based just on how many papers our faculty have written, but rather how significant the UNM research is to the field of Engineering.”

Cecchi said it is also important that among public universities UNM ranks fifth in impact in Engineering. This ranking, taken with UNM’s rank of fifth in impact in materials science and technology, demonstrates that UNM has important research areas of national visibility and marked distinction.

Yale University is ranked first with 1,395 citations from 321 papers; second is Harvard, 1771 citations from 432 papers; third is University of California Santa Barbara, 2,739 citations from 715 papers; fifth is Stanford University, 5,239 citations from 1,546 papers.

Other universities, in order, include, Princeton University, 2,687 citations from 805 papers; California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 4,240 citations from 1,310 papers; Cornell University, 3,058 citations from 950 papers; Michigan State University, 1,511 citations from 518 papers; Northwestern University 1,921 citations from 677 papers; University of Arizona, 2,263 citations from 802 papers; Washington University, 855 citations from 304 papers; MIT, 6,037 citations from 2,159 papers; University of California Los Angeles, 3,166 citations from 1,138 papers; Boston University, 1,064 citations from 395 papers; and the University of Pennsylvania, 996 citations from 371 papers.


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