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October 22, 2001


Musicians and artists from the University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts will hold a benefit performance "Raising Our Voices" for the American Red Cross Saturday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. in Popejoy Hall.

The effort will feature UNM faculty and students from the music, theatre, dance and art departments in varied performances - from song and dance to spoken recitations and instrumental music. Tickets are $7.50, adults; $5 students and $3, children.

Half the funds raised will go to the American Red Cross chapter supporting east coast victims of Sept. 11 and the remaining half to the Rio Grande Red Cross chapter, which has experienced diminished donations.

New hire Pamela V. Pyle, assistant professor of music and head of the UNM Collaborative Piano Program, organized the event.

"I moved to Albuquerque from New York just three weeks before Sept. 11. I felt paralyzed and helpless as an artist when the tragedy struck," Pyle says. "Music was the only gift I could offer and it seemed somehow unnecessary in the face of so many pressing needs. Organizing artists to raise funds for those directly affected seemed like a good way to help."

Pyle's UNM colleagues will fill the stage Nov. 3 in support of her goal to raise more than $10,000 for the Red Cross. "I believe the UNM community can be a motivating force at this time of national tragedy," Pyle says.

Representing the Theatre and Dance Department are playwrights Digby Wolfe and Jim Linnell and theatre professor Henry Bial; flamenco artist Eva Enciniãs-Sandoval, choreographer Jennifer Predock-Linnell, members of the Bill Evans Dance Company, and dance professor Rujeko Dumbutshena performing African dance.

The Music Department features David Felberg conducting a faculty/student orchestra with Kevin Vigneau, English horn, and Jeff Piper, trumpet, performing Aaron Copland's "Quiet City." Pianist Pamela V. Pyle, event organizer; singer Bradley Ellingboe, classical guitarist Michael Chapdelaine, Las Cantantes and members of the UNM Marimba Band will also perform.

Art Department faculty member Margery Amdur has involved her studio class in creating an abstract tree of life based on Gustav Klimt's painting "Tree of Life." The student work will be on display in the lobby. Special lights designed by faculty Basia Irland will be on stage during the performances.

Members of the UNM benefit program committee are Pyle, Predock-Linnell, Amdur, Bial and Irland.

"I would like UNM to be seen as a resource for social response," Pyle says. "With our performances I think we can give something of significance to the community, and through the Red Cross, we can have a direct impact on the country and the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy."

Tickets are available at the UNM Ticket Office, 277-4569; any outlet, 851-5050, or



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