Editorial Policies

SUBMISSIONS: Requests for article/photo space must be submitted to the editor, except in instances when invitations to submit material have been extended. Responses to any published material will be considered for publication on a space-available basis.

DEADLINES: The materials must be received by the deadlines specified. If the materials have not been received by the specified deadlines, the department will proceed with the production of UNM Today under the assumption that a decision was made against having the item in the particular issue for which the deadline was not met.

BYLINES: The author or authors of an article, letter or column will have his, her or their bylines published. Columns submitted without bylines will not be published. Columns written by a committee or group should include identification of the specific individuals in the committee or group members.

MATERIAL CONTENT: Material may address controversial issues of widespread interest. However, materials that are deemed by the University Communication and Marketing Department to be attacks on individuals, or about specific personnel grievances that would best be addressed through other appropriate university channels, will not be published.

MATERIAL STYLE: The editor reserves the right to edit for length and style, according to the Associated Press Stylebook.

GENERAL LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS: Material will not be published if, in the opinion of the editor, it is determined to be potentially libelous. Material must not violate any postage, copyright or libel laws, or rights to privacy as described by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also known as the "Buckley Amendment"), and as applied through the Student Records Policy that is published in the UNM Pathfinder, as well as comparable policies for faculty and staff as described in the UNM Faculty Handbook, and the Personnel Information Disclosure Policy in the Employee Records Section of the UNM Business Policies Manual. Columns deemed to be in violation of the laws and policies cited above will not be published.

2010-11 Publication Schedule

Copy Deadline       Publication Date
2010                        2010
August 11               August 23
September 8          September 20 (tentative)
October 6              October 18 (tentative)
November 10         November 22 (tentative)
Decemeber 1         December 13
2011                        2011
January 5               January 18
February 9              February 21 (tentative)
March 9                  March 21 (tentative)
April 6                     April 18 (tentative)
April 27                   May 9
June 1                    June 13

Copy and photos to be considered for publication in UNM Today, UNM's faculty and staff newspaper, are due to our office no later than the dates listed above.

The newspaper is generally published mid-month and on hiatus in July.

Story and photo suggestions, notables, staff/faculty spotlight column nominations and brief items of interest may be submitted to UNM Today, University Communication and Marketing, MSC04 2545, Welcome Center at the Cornell parking structure.

Send news and calendar items via email to ucam@unm.edu. Call 277-1593 or 277-1989 for information.