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UNM Accomplishments by Department
(January 1 - March 19, 2007)

Administration Anderson Schools of Management School of Architecture and Planning College of Arts and Sciences College of Education School of Engineering College of Fine Arts Health Sciences School of Law School of Public Administration Staff Students University College Interdisciplinary/Miscellaneous


  • Service To Honor UNM's 1st Provost 
    Chester C. Travelstead, the University of New Mexico's 
    first provost, was remembered during a memorial 
    service on campus.
    Travelstead died of natural causes Dec. 27, 2006. He was 95.
    The service and reception honoring Travelstead took 
    place in the UNM Student Union Building.
    Travelstead began his 21-year career at UNM in 1956 as the 
    dean of the College of Education. He became the school's 
    vice president for academic affairs in 1968 and then was 
    named provost in 1976. He retired a year later. (3.2.07)
  • The University of New Mexico Board of Regents named David J. Schmidly UNM President with a unanimous vote. Mr.Schmidly is the 20th president of the university. The announcement was made at a  special meeting of the regents on the main UNM campus in Albuquerque. (2.17.07) 
  • Duane Arruti was named associate vice president for Human Resources at the University of New Mexico. He will be responsible for providing strategic leadership, integration and coordination of the Human Resources information technology and finance functions as of Feb. 1 st. (1.11.07)

Anderson Schools of Management

School of Architecture and Planning

  • Various aspects of Albuquerque’s history, from the development of its metropolitan area to community activism in  Martineztown, were articles in the New Mexico Historical Review's Winter 2007 issue, a must-read for Albuquerqueans. Stephen Wheeler, formerly of the School of Architecture and Planning,  teamed up with Wade Patterson on the lead article, "The Rise of the Regional City:  Spatial Development of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area." (2.8.07)

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" was presented in dramatic 
    fashion on February 12 by Bruce Noll, a faculty member in the Educational Leadership 
    Program, who also teaches in the Freshman Learning Communities. The event was a benefit for the Communication and Journalism 
    graduate student organization, "Commgrads." (2.13.07)
  • Sixteen student teams from New Mexico and Colorado showed 
    their proposals for a Mars mobile laboratory in the 19th Annual Space 
    Design Competition at the Hotel Albuquerque on Monday, February 12. The competition was just one element of the 2007 Space 
    Technology and Applications International Forum, organized by UNM's 
    Institute for Space and Nuclear Power Studies. The 2007 theme was 
    "Space Renaissance: Inspiring the Next Generation." (2.8.07)
  • Kirsten Pai Buick received the University Libraries Faculty Acknowledgement Award. Buick is an assistant professor of Art History and the associate director of African American Studies at UNM. As part of the event, Buick will deliver a talk titled "Writing the Woman Artist: Mary Edmonia Lewis." (1.11.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001639.html#more

College of Education

School of Engineering

  • Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Julie Coonrod, received a faculty acknowledgement award from University Libraries on Thursday,  February 15 in the Willard Room of Zimmerman Library. As part of the 
    event Coonrod presented a short talk on "The Rio Grande, a River of 
    Contrasts." The Middle Rio Grande, a strip of oasis in the desert, is 
    the subject of ecosystem restoration, water supply and flood control. (2.16.07)

College of Fine Arts

  • Muralist Joe Stephenson presented "Making Murals/Making Community" on 
    Tuesday, February 13 in the UNM Art Museum. Stephenson gave 
    a visual tour of community murals he has worked on that span a 25-year career starting in Berkeley, California in the early 1970s. (2.14.07)
  • UNM became the most recent member of the Imageworks Professional 
    Academic Excellence program, called IPAX. The announcement was made at the New  Mexico MISP (Media Industries Strategy Project) Conference at UNM on 
    Friday, February 2 nd. The IPAX membership will support the interdisciplinary Film and 
    Digital Media Program that is being developed at UNM. Other 
    noted academic IPAX members include USC, Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, and 
    MIT. However, UNM has the only membership given to an entire university. (2.8.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001692.html#more
  • The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology celebrates 75 years in 2007. The 
    Directors Lecture kicked off the yearlong celebration on Thursday, 
    February 8, with "The Search for Sir John Franklin," presented by John  Martin "Jack" Campbell, Maxwell director from 1969-1972. (2.5.07) 

Health Sciences

  • University of New Mexico Doctor Honored for Work at 
    Young Children's Health Center in Albuquerque 
    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) honored 
    University of New Mexico pediatrician Lance Chilton, MD, 
    FAAP, for his work with the Young Children's Health Center 
    (YCHC) in Albuquerque, N.M. Dr. Chilton's work grew out of 
    an AAP CATCH Planning Fund grant. Awarded on a competitive 
    basis each year, CATCH (Community Access to Child Health) 
    is a national AAP program designed to increase access and 
    improve the quality of medical care for children across 
    the United States. (3.8.07)
  • Health care coordinator Betty Jo Ciesielski and author 
    Sharon Oard Warner took center court Feb. 10 at half time 
    at University Arena to receive the University of New 
    Mexico's Sarah Belle Brown Community Service Award.
    Former Regent Doug Brown established the award in 2006 in 
    honor of his wife, Sarah, a public servant for 30 years, 
    and to honor UNM staff and faculty who serve as examples 
    of social responsiveness, and who donate considerable time 
    and effort advancing UNM's public service mission.
    The Browns joined acting president David Harris in 
    congratulating the second-annual recipients. Harris 
    presented Ciesielski and Warner each with a plaque 
    featuring artwork by local children and $2,500.

    Ciesielski is a coordinator in the UNM Maternity and 
    Family Planning Department. She developed health policy at 
    the national level, secured funding and created education 
    and accreditation for lay health workers. She coordinated 
    training for New Mexico community health workers reaching 
    20,000 patients in 2006 to provide education on diabetes, 
    the flu epidemic, mental health, teen suicide prevention, 
    heart disease and more.
    Warner, a book author, has been an English professor at 
    UNM for 12 years. In 1999, she established the Taos Summer 
    Writers Workshop, attracting writers from 34 states and 
    four foreign countries. She was chief organizer of the 
    Albuquerque Tricentennial Matanza in honor of Rudolfo 
    Anaya and is a volunteer teacher at New Futures High 
    School. In her nomination of Warner, author Joy Harjo 
    writes, "(Sharon) has opened many doors for New Mexicans, 
    particularly in the writing community." (3.4.07)
  • Albuquerque high school students literally learned 
    something about broken hearts when UNM students and professors met with them on  Wednesday, February 14 to talk about tissue engineering. About 100 AHS 
    students attended this special UNM Bioengineering Outreach 
    program to interest minority students in engineering. (2.8.07)
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Senior Vice President John Lumpkin joined with Acting UNM President David Harris and other university leaders today to announce the establishment of a national center for health policy at the University of New Mexico. Started with an initial commitment of $18.5 million, the interdisciplinary center willhave dedicated leadership and staffing as well as its own physical location on UNM's main campus. (1.11.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001638.html#more
  • School of Medicine faculty member Brian Gregory Solan was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Association of American Medical Colleges Humanism in Medicine Award, presented by the AAMC through the support of the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative. Solan is currently an assistant professor in the department of Family & Community Medicine. He is one of 52 honorees from across the nation nominated by the Organization of Student Representatives chapter of each U.S.medical school. (1.11.07) http://hscapp.unm.edu/calendar/output/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.release&EntryID=5584

School of Law

  • On Monday, February 12, School of Law Professor Sherri Burr's “Arts Talk” on Channel 27 featured an interview with author Melody Groves, and was co-hosted by UNM law student Lee Gentry. (2.13.07) http://lawschool.unm.edu/announcements/arts-talk/index.php

  • Todd Larson presented "An Introduction to the World Intellectual 
    Property Organization (WIPO) - its History, Mandate, Status as a United Nations Entity and Current Areas of Focus" at the UNM School of Law 
    on Monday, February 12. Larson is the senior counselor at the New York  Coordination Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Based at  United Nations headquarters, Larson undertakes extensive outreach throughout  North America on behalf of the WIPO. (2.5.07) 

School of Public Administration




  • UNM Women's Basketball: Lobos win MWC tourney and bid 
    to NCAAs with 63-49 victory over BYU  Marsh lead Lobos with 20 points, earns MVP honors
    BYU made one big mistake.
    The Cougars upset Lobos forward Dionne Marsh, unwittingly 
    inspiring one of her top performances of the season.
    Marsh scored 20 points, leading the University of New 
    Mexico women's basketball team to a 63-49 win over BYU and 
    the Mountain West Conference tournament title.
    With the championship, UNM also earns the conference's 
    automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. It will be the 
    Lobos' sixth consecutive appearance in the NCAAs. (3.11.07)

  • Service To Honor UNM's 1st Provost 
    Chester C. Travelstead, the University of New Mexico's 
    first provost, was remembered during a memorial 
    service on campus.
    Travelstead died of natural causes Dec. 27, 2006. He was 95.
    The service and reception honoring Travelstead took 
    place in the UNM Student Union Building.
    Travelstead began his 21-year career at UNM in 1956 as the 
    dean of the College of Education. He became the school's 
    vice president for academic affairs in 1968 and then was 
    named provost in 1976. He retired a year later. (3.2.07)
  • Graduate student Lisa Gill recently received one of the nation's top awards for poets - the National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship in Poetry. She was one of 50 selected from a pool of 1,056 applications to receive this two-year, $20,000 fellowship. She was chosen based on poems from her first book, "Red as a Lotus." (1.11.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgibin/archives/001634.html#more

  • The winners of the L.F. "Tow" Diehm Inspirational Award for 2005-06 were Chris Carlson and Lars Loeseth, while Maja Kovacek was the recipient of the Leslie Self Inspirational Award. Started in 1997-98, the awards are presented annually to University of New Mexico male and female student-athletes based on leadership, character, determination and commitment to team. (1.11.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001643.html#more


University College



  • Boots to mark deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan
    Rows of empty combat boots represented the deaths of 
    more than 400 National Guardsmen and 23 soldiers and 
    Marines - each from New Mexico. (3.17.07)

  • State Archives develops online archive 
    Wyoming is participating in the creation of the Rocky 
    Mountain Online Archive.
    The Rocky Mountain Online Archive is an extensive source 
    of information where more than two thousand archival and special collections from 
    cultural institutions in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming 
    are described. Joining in the project are the Wyoming 
    State Archives, the University of Wyoming, University of New 
    Mexico Libraries and the Colorado Collaborative 
    Digitization Project. The Rocky Mountain Online Archive is 
    available to the public at http://rmoa.unm.edu. (3.5.07)

  • Sen. John Pinto, a member of the Navajo Nation, was 
    honored for his 30 years of service in the Legislature.
    On Wednesday, Feb 28, senators applauded the Tohatchi Democrat for 
    his work on a range of issues, including obtaining 
    financing to improve the road system and other 
    infrastructure on tribal lands.
    Pinto is second in seniority in the Senate. Each session 
    of the Legislature, he sings the "potato song" in Navajo 
    for lawmakers.
    Pinto, 82, has a master's degree in education from the 
    University of New Mexico and worked more than 20 years in 
    the Gallup-McKinley school district. He served in the 
    Marines during World War II and was trained as a Navajo 
    Code Talker. The war ended before he was shipped overseas.
    Pinto told senators that after being elected, he was 
    hitchhiking to Santa Fe and got a ride from a man who 
    turned out to be Sen. Manny Aragon, an Albuquerque 
    Democrat. (3.2.07)

  • Michael Morris and Sally Seidel were 2006-07 Fulbright recipients. 
    Morris, a research professor and director of the College of Education 
    Office for Community Learning and Public Service, received a New 
    Century Scholars award, the Fulbright's global program where scholars look at  large issues impacting education and/or health for a year in a cohort 
    group. Seidel, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, lectured and  conducted research on "Mapping and Research: Mapping the Strong Potential,  The Subatomic Frontier," at Lund University, Lund, Sweden. (2.8.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001693.html#more
  • The UNM Alumni Association bestowed its four annual major awards 
    to outstanding alumni and faculty on Thursday, February 8, at the Hotel  Albuquerque at Old Town. This year's recipients included Judith Rogala, 
    James F. Zimmerman Award; Warren J. Baker, Rodey Award; Jim Hinton, Erna S. Fergusson Award; and Leslie Donovan, UNM Alumni Association Faculty 
    Award. (2.8.07) http://www.unm.edu/~market/cgi-bin/archives/001691.html#more
  • The UNM Teachers' Institute offered a multi-disciplinary series 
    of workshops on climate change. The institute drew upon expertise 
    across the academic spectrum to educate and inform teachers about a topic  of broad community and global interest, said Wanda Martin, associate 
    professor of English and a founding director of the institute. (2.8.07)
  • The Sarah Belle Brown Community Service Award was presented at a 
    reception Saturday, February 10 in the Tow Diehm President's 
    Pavilion. The award recognized UNM faculty and staff who dedicated substantial time to volunteer activities and demonstrated a high level of commitment to public 
    service. (2.8.07)
  • UNM Warm Weather concerts organized by a member of the Staff 
    Council's Work + Life Committee have become a mainstay on the UNM campus. In 
    January, the full council voted to honor the concerts' founder, titling the events  the "Greg Johnston Summer Concerts."  (2.5.07) 
  • UNM Career Services hosted the largest career fair in state 
    history, "Career Expo 2007," on Tuesday, February 6 in the Student Union Building ballroom. More than 110 local and national 
    employers had exhibits. Representatives from state and federal 
    agencies, television media, homebuilders, bankers and business 
    organizations were there to share information about employment opportunities. (2.5.07) 

  • A Celebration of Life honoring Denise "Dee" Simms Johnson, former 
    first lady of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, was held on Saturday, Jan. 6,  at 10 a.m. at the University of New Mexico's Student Union Building 
    ballroom. (1.4.07)

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