The University of New Mexico

Created in 1889, the University of New Mexico is the largest of New Mexico's six four-year collegiate institutions.

The University comprises 11 degree-granting schools and colleges:Anderson Schools of Management, Architecture and Planning, Arts and Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and University College. There is also a graduate Division of Public Administration and a Division of Dental Programs.

Research is a high priority at the University of New Mexico. During the 1998 fiscal year federal agencies, industry, national laboratories, foundations and the State of New Mexico provided $175.8 million for UNM sponsored projects. These awards assist in providing resources that are necessary to improve the quality of research and teaching at UNM, a Carnegie Research I university.

Among UNM's outstanding research centers are the Center for High Technology Materials, the Maui High Performance Computing Center and the Center for Micro-Engineered Ceramics. The Health Sciences Center's key research programs focus on the health of New Mexicans. These centers include: Cancer Research and Treatment Center, General Clinical Research Center, Center for Emerging Viruses and National Center for Genome Research at the Health Sciences Center.

UNM's research efforts were recently recognized in a book published by Johns Hopkins University Press, "The Rise of American Research Universities: Elites and Challengers in the Postwar Era." The University was ranked 29th among 200 research universities around the country and called a "nationally rising public university in research productivity."


Over the past year research has been conducted in a variety of areas. Some of the highlights include:

Ahead of the Wave: Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology's Plass develops model online instruction.

The Last Frontier: Research with the language disabled leads to greater theories about memory and how people learn.

Marketers of Invention: Science and Technology Corporation @ UNM focuses on marketing inventions and developing technology.

Lasers on Ice: Optics research at UNM explores a unique contradiction.

Sweet Mystery of Life: A joint project is working on deciphering the human genome.

Making Wavelets: Mathematicians use multiwavelets to speed computation and model turbulent flows.

Global Library: Library Services Alliance of New Mexico unfolds with van Reenen at helm.

Blazing Its Own Path: Infrared technology at the Center for High Technology Materials is being developed for commercial applications.

Atom Trapping, Optical Lattices and Quantum Computers: The Brave New World of the Nano-scopic: Advancements in integrated circuit technology, like the micro-chips in our personal computers, is progressing at an incredible pace.

The Mystery of the Kennewick Man: Determining origins of the controversial 9,000 year old remains.

Microbe Sensor Revolution: A new device could save lives based on early detection of potentially deadly bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, and viral infections including those caused by Hantavirus and AIDS.


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