Community Partnerships

Some academic programs sponsored by the Innovation Academy focus on helping students develop businesses of their own. These new businesses could someday be incubated at UNM’s InnovateABQ campus. Public engagement is also central to UNM’s mission. Innovation Academy students can use their talent and skills to solve problems that matter to Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico, as they are learning by doing. Students can contribute to economic development, community capacity building, improved outcome in health, education and other areas of common interest.

Innovation Academy courses resonate with the convergence space concept of UNM’s InnovateABQ campus in Downtown Albuquerque’s Innovation District. While Innovation Academy courses can be in many places, bringing together people with disparate interests sparks creativity. UNM’s faculty and students can brainstorm with local entrepreneurs from all sectors, including the creative arts and design community, and the high-tech economic sector. UNM’s Arts Lab and the ABQ+UNM City Lab offer other potential locations for IA work.