Pilot Programs

The Innovation Academy is currently piloting courses, but new certificate or degree programs, and new delivery models may potentially be piloted as well. Successful Innovation Academy courses and techniques can be mainstreamed into existing degree programs, introducing new pedagogies throughout UNM. Projects underway or in development include:

  • Shark Tank Talk (Sacco)
  • Interdisciplinary Design (Compeau) 
  • Diplomacy Lab (Forrest, Martin & Stanley)
  • Creative Leadership Initiative (CFA)
  • Business Plan Competition (Kassicieh)
  • Lean Launch Start Up (Kassicieh)
  • Technological Entrepreneurship (Kassicieh)
  • Futures Design Lab (Valdez)
  • Program Evaluation (Rivera)
  • Arduino for Sustainability (Milne)
  • Photonics in Medicine (Krishna)
  • TBD (Sanford)
  • TBD (Gibbs)