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Global And National Security Policy Initiative

Mission Statement
Reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Global and National Security Policy Institute (GNSPI) brings together global and national security-related courses, research, and programs at the University of New Mexico in a coherent whole under one umbrella to serve the entire institution—students and faculty—across its several campuses.

Global and national security rests on a broad definition ranging from nuclear issues to natural resources, humanitarian and health challenges, as well as governance, legal, policy, technology, and cybersecurity concerns. Collaboration among departments, schools, and colleges, and with Sandia and Los Alamos national labs will allow UNM faculty, students, laboratory scientists, and private sector technology and science experts to team-teach graduate modules in specific fields and cooperate on cutting-edge research and innovation projects. The diversity of the UNM student body and faculty brings to the global and national security mix scientific expertise and analytics and cultural and language dimensions and understanding. This expertise will help our future leaders interact more effectively with their counterparts from other cultures and societies.

The GNSPI will encourage experts from UNM, the national labs, and the private sector to participate as students and teachers in this uniquely designed learning experience, which would expand their horizons and widen the contexts in which they operate. Additionally, collaboration across these fields will encourage students and researchers to analyze rising threats and challenges to global and national security, and to support national workforce needs in such areas as nuclear security policy, law and governance, health sciences and the combating of global diseases, cybersecurity, and intelligence collection and analysis. This initiative will also help UNM students improve their competitive edge as they compete for jobs and career advancement. The GNSPI will also help put UNM on the global and national maps as a “national security” university.

Emile Nakhlehemile nakhleh Image
Director, Global and National Security Policy Institute, UNM

Emile Nakhleh was a Senior Intelligence Service Officer and Director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program at the Central Intelligence Agency. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and author of"A Necessary Engagement: Reinventing America's Relation with the Muslim World." Dr. Nakhleh is a research professor at UNM.

As a follow-up to numerous meetings Emile Nakhleh, Coordinator of UNM National Security Programs,has held with various national security stakeholders at the university, the Provost has formed a senior level committee to review the UNM programs that relate to national security, broadly defined.

Committee Members
1 Melissa Bokovoy Chair and Professor History
2 Jim Cheek Professor Family & Community Medicine
3 Christos Christodoulou Associate Dean Electrical Computer Engineering
4 Stephanie Forrest Distinguished Professor Computer Science
5 Frank Gilfeather Professor Emeritus Mathematics & Statistics,
National Security Studies Program
6 Greg Heileman Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
and Professor
Electrical Computer Engineering
7 Sul Kassicieh Chair and Distinguished Professor  Finance & International Technology
8 Maria Lane Chair and Professor Geography and Evironmental Studies
9 Mark Peceny Dean For College of Arts and Science
and Professor 
Political Science
10 Bill Pockman Chair and Professor Biology
11 Dawinder (Dave) Sidhu Professor School of Law
12 Jane Ellen Smith Chair and Professor Psychology
13 Bill Stanley Director and Professor Political Science and
Latin American & Iberian Institute
14 Richard Wood Director and Professor  Sociology and Southwest Institute of Religion,
Culture and Society
15 Emile Nakhleh Director  Global and National Security Policy Institute