University Advisement


Our mission is to give guidance to students in a nurturing, diverse, respectful, and supportive environment and to assist students in making a successful transition to degree granting colleges and appropriate majors, while developing the foundations for lifelong learning.

University Advisement Center will accomplish its mission when we:

  • Collaborate with Student Affairs programs and Colleges to provide the most accurate information to students;
  • Engage students in a shared intellectual experience based on active learning and listening;
  • Provide students with an exposure to and an understanding of a wide variety of disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary perspectives

Director of University Advisement

Vanessa Harris received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina at Aiken in Political Science and her MA in Public Administration from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.  She is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.   Vanessa's dissertation focuses on the impact of the “Sophomore Slump” as it relates to students at the University of New Mexico. Vanessa maintains a strong passion for student advisement and student learning which was fostered as a Student Program Advisor in the University of New Mexico' s College of Pharmacy. By having an exposure to and implementation of student success strategies and program evaluations, Vanessa was eager to develop her knowledge base by working with students in a more direct and formal setting. She is a past instructor in the Freshman Interest Group and the Living Learning Community.  As an instructor, Vanessa saw how important it is for students to understand their learning styles and how important advising is in the academic success of students.  In 2005, she became the Manager of University College Advisement Center. In 2006, she was appointed the co-chair of the Provost Committee for Advising.  In 2008, she was assigned as the Site Coordinator of the Vision Inspired Scholarship Through Academic Achievement (VISTA), a performance-based scholarship. Vanessa was recently elected to participate in the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Emerging Young Leaders Program.  Last year she was  recognized by the Staff Council as one of 20 role models at UNM.