Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review (APR)

The APR Office at UNM supports and advances the mission of the university through providing a direction and instruction for academic programs to examine their achievements, goals, and strategic plans for the future. Within this context, the APR office's primary purpose is to assist academic programs through the process of preparing a unit self-study, organizing and preparing for a site visit from a review team, and engaging in action planning for the future.  The APR process keeps UNM in compliance for accreditation by the North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commissions.  The APR office is concerned with the organization’s ongoing evaluation and assessment processes to provide reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness that clearly informs strategies for continuous improvement. 

The APR Office is currently in year seven of a ten year schedule.  Four departments/programs APR (Health, Education, Social Science; Music; Architecture and Communication and Journalism) are scheduled for their APR during Spring semester 2012 and four departments/programs (Nanoscience and Microsystems; Special Education; Political Science and Counselor Education) are scheduled for their APR Fall semester 2012.  Action Plan Meetings and Mid-Point Reviews are scheduled continuously.

Academic Program Review Specialist 

In her current role, Bessie Gallegos, M.A. coordinates the process of APRs to include Department/Program self-study.  She serves as a primary point of direct administrative contact and liaison with UNM Administrators, Department/Program Deans and Chairs, and external reviewers.  The APR process gives programs a regular and formal opportunity to examine their goals, how they contribute to the overall mission of UNM, how they are viewed nationally and internationally within their discipline, and how they plan to increase their effectiveness in the future. She also engages in program/project planning, development, and execution of stated goals and objectives.  The focus of her Masters degree in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies was on training, planning and development in the private sector and educational settings.