Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

The Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS), UNM’s learning assistance center, provides a forum for academic conversations in which undergraduate students engage CAPS peer tutors and UNM faculty in collaborative learning and critical thinking throughout their educational careers. In tutoring interactions that span a variety of formats and learning environments, CAPS helps both student users and CAPS student employees develop diverse strategies and skills to achieve their academic and professional goals. CAPS serves students enrolled in undergraduate courses with five different programs: The Math/Science Tutoring Program, the Online Tutoring Program, the Study Strategies Program, Supplemental Instruction, and the Writing and Language Center. CAPS tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders are UNM undergraduates and graduate students, recommended by UNM faculty and trained by CAPS staff on best practices in peer tutoring. In the academic year 2011-2012, CAPS served 25% of the student population for a total of 48,723 contact hours.  Please visit the CAPS website at

Director of CAPS

Michelle SteinerMichelle Steiner received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at The State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook, completing a BA in Psychology and Sociology, MA in Psychology, and PhD in Cognitive Psychology. Her doctoral research in the areas of cognitive development and attachment theory has informed her subsequent experience as an educator and administrator. Her experience teaching psychology and academic skills courses in a variety of programmatic settings has informed her approach to student success. She began working with student support services as a graduate student, providing academic assistance in the SUNY Stony Brook Disability Support Services Office. In 2002, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she worked as an Assistant Academic Advisor and shortly thereafter as the Associate Program Director in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Advisement Program in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at the University of Minnesota. In the summer of 2004, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to work at the University of New Mexico (UNM), first as an Academic Advisor and then as Supervisor of University College Advisement Center. She joined the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) at UNM in the summer of 2005 as a Program Manager, subsequently taking on the positions of Senior Program Manager (2007) and Director (2011). Michelle Steiner received a Departmental and a University award for teaching excellence at SUNY Stony Brook. She received, with the CAPS staff, the Provost’s Committee for Staff Outstanding Work Group Award and individually the Staff Appreciation Award at UNM. Michelle Steiner co-founded the UNM Provost’s Committee for Advising, participated in the implementation of two UNM Title V grants, and currently leads professional development workshops for both advising and CAPS staff.