UNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty

UNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty provides consultation & mediation services to UNM faculty & administrators for potential or ongoing workplace conflicts. The guiding standard is resolution at the least adversarial level. The long-term vision is a widespread network of UNM faculty committed to dialogue, constructive conflict management & conflict prevention.

The UNM Ombudsperson for Faculty is a designated neutral dispute resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to UNM faculty.

The UNM Ombudsperson for Faculty works in a manner to preserve confidentiality of faculty seeking ODR services, maintains a neutral/impartial position with respect to the concerns raised, works at an informal level to improve communication and resolve conflicts, and is independent from other UNM administrative entities. The UNM Ombudsperson for Faculty does not conduct investigations. Successfully fulfilling these functions is consistent with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the International Ombudsman Association.

Director of UNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty

Jean Civikly-PowellJean Civikly-Powell received her Ph.D. in Communication in 1973 from Florida State University. She has been faculty in Communication and Journalism, 1973-2001, with intermittent academic administrative appointments. She has served as Ombudsperson for Faculty since 1999. Her background in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution has been a good fit for her work for Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty. Please feel welcome to contact Jean at jcivikly@unm.edu.