Research Metrics

August 16, 2012 - Chaouki Abdallah

The State of New Mexico is currently funding UNM and other state institutions using a base budget, topped by funds due to outcome measures that include course completion, degrees awarded, STEMH degrees and degrees earned by students at risk measured by their Pell grant eligibility.  The thinking is that such measures will encourage universities to focus on retaining and graduating more at-risk students in majors that the State anticipates high employment demand.  This year, the State is attempting to also measure research productivity by the 3 research universities (UNM, NMSU, NMT).  Research metrics should be meaningful (measure true research productivity), beneficial to the State, and easy to audit and compare across colleges (within the State and outside).  What do you think are some metrics that fit the above criteria?  Research expenditures? Patents awarded? Companies started? Publications cited?