The Importance of Quick Strategic Decisions

November 19, 2012 - Chaouki Abdallah

The landscape of higher education is changing rapidly.  From financial and regulatory pressures, to new teaching and learning models, to new mission and tasks, we need to become more dynamic and fast paced.  Actually, we need to be start making strategic decisions faster.  As one of my mentors recently told me, you only need to be exact in tactics, while strategy can always be refined as more data become available.  It is no longer acceptable to take 2 years to add or remove a course, when the world is creating universities and others are designing new course delivery models in less than half that time.  If nothing else, the founding fathers point the way.  It took them less than 4 months to construct the US constitution, a document that has since been amended multiple times but survived largely intact as the best strategic plan for any country.

Do you believe higher education institutions, and UNM in particular, can become more nimble at making strategic decisions under their current structure?