Committees which report to the Provost: Central Campus Housing Committee

The Central Campus Housing Committee was appointed by the Campus Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)  in 2010 as a subcommittee to review and advise on the design and development of student housing on the central campus.


Aaron Begay
VP Institutional Support Services Staff

Steven Block
Chair of Music

Nancy Dennis
Associate Dean of University Libraries

Robert Doran 
University Architect

Charles Fleddermann
Associate Dean of School of Engineering

Mary Kenney
Planning Officer

Walt Miller 
AVP for Student Life & Director of NM Union

Sue Mortier
University Landscape Architect

Robert Nelson
Interim Director of Parking & Transportation Services

Mark Ondrias
Associate Dean for Arts & Sciences

Roger Schluntz
Professor of Architecture

Alf Simon
Chair of Committee, Director of Landscape Architecture

Wayne Sullivan 
Residence Life Manager

Michael Thomas
University Honors Program

Melissa Vargas
Chief of Staff/Strategic Planner

Steven Yourstone
Chair of ASM Marketing Information Decision Sciences