The University of New Mexico Distinguished Professors

The rank of Distinguished Professor is the highest faculty title that UNM bestows, and it is awarded to only a few of our most prominent faculty. the Provost's Office is very pleased to announce that, based on their outstanding scholarly and scientific achievements, seven new Distinguished Professors (three from main campus and four from the HSC) were recently selected for this prestigious honor. The new main campus Distinguished Professors are: David Brookshire (Economics), Jane Lancaster (Anthropology), and Eric (Sam) Loker (Biology). The four new HSC Distinguished Professors are: Marianne Berwick (Internal Medicine), David Schade Endocrinology), Victor Strasburger (Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine) and Howard Yonas (Neurosurgery). 

From the Faculty handbook:

 2.2.5 Distinguished Professor

(a) Individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and are nationally and internationally renowned as scholars may be considered for this faculty rank. This is the highest faculty title the University bestows and is used only for a few of its most prominent faculty members.

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Dr. Scott Burchiel                                 Department of Pharmaceutical Studies

Kathryn Foucar, M.D.                           Department of Pathology

William Rayburn, M.D., MBA               Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Plamen Atanassov                         Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Lani Gunawardena                         Dept. of Organizational, Information and Learning Sciences

Dr. Gabriel Melendez                           Department of American Studies

Dr. Edl Schamiloglu                             Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Mansoor Sheik-Bahae                   Department of Physics and Astronomy


Sanjeev Arora, M.D.                        Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Vince Calhoun                           Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Christos Christodoulou           Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Stephanie Forrest                     Department of Computer Science

Pope L. Moseley, M.D.                     Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Steven Walsh                             Department of FIT Management


Dr. Marianne Berwick                     Department of Internal Medicine in Epidemiology

Dr. David Brookshire                       Department of Economics

Dr. Jane Lancaster                          Department of Anthropology

Dr. Eric Samuel Loker                     Department of Biology

Dr. David Schade                              Department of Internal Medicine in Endocrinology

Dr. Victor C. Strasburger, M.D.      Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Howard Yonas                             Department of Neurosurgery 


James W. Ellis, J.D.                          School of Law

Dr. O.C. Ferrell                                    Department of MIDS Management

Miguel Gandert, M.A.                          Department of Communication and Journalism

Dr. Theodore Jojola                            Department of Community and Regional Planning

Dr. Enrique Lamadrid                         Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Virginia Scharff                             Department of History

Dr. Christopher Shultis                      Department of Music

Dr. David Sklar                                     Department of Emergency and Internal Medicine


No nomination/award process 


Dr. Arthur Kaufman                            Department of Family and Community Medicine

Dr. Larry A. Sklar                                Department of Pathology


Dr. Jeffrey C. Brinker                        Department of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Patricia L. Crown                        Department of Anthropology

Dr. Sul Kassicieh                               Department of FIT Management

Dr. Barbara McCrady                        Department of Psychology

Dr. Gerald Vizenor                             Department of American Studies


Dr. David Craven                                Department of Art and Art History

Dr. Abhaya K. Datye                           Department of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Larry Davis                                    Department of Neurology

Dr. Linda B. Hall                                  Department of History

Dr. Deepak Kapur                              Department of Computer Science


Dr. Jonathan Abrams                       Department of Internal Medicine in Cardiology

Dr. Keith Basso                                  Department of Anthropology

Dr. Steven Brueck                             Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Carlton Caves                               Department of Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Judith Chazin-Bennahum          Department of Theater & Dance                                 

Dr. Steven Gangestad                       Department of Psychology

Dr. Fred Hashimoto                            Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Paul Hutton                                    Department of History

Dr. Ruth Luckasson                           Department of Educational Specialities

Dr. Tey Diane Rebolledo                    Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Dr. Howard Waitzkin                          Department of Sociology 



Dr. Joan Bybee                                    Department of Linguistics

Dr. Steven Feld                                     Department of Anthrolpology and Music

Dr. F. Chris Garcia                               Department of Political Science

Dr. Nitant Kenkre                                 Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Robert T. Paine Jr.                        Department of Chemistry

Dr. Gary Scharnhorst                         Department of English

Dr. Lawrence Guy Straus                  Department of Anthropology

Dr. Eberhard Uhlenhuth                     Department of Psychiatry


Dr. James Brown                                 Department of Biology

Dr. Eric Charnov                                    Department of Biology

Dr. Louise Lamphere                           Department of Anthropology

Dr. William Miller                                   Department of Psychology

Dr. Randy Thornhill                               Department of Biology