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American Studies is designed for the student interested in the interdisciplinary study of American culture.  It encourages flexibility within a general structure of areas of interest. American Studies course offerings fall into six substantive categories:  Cultural Studies; Southwest Studies; Environment, Science and Technology; Popular Culture; Gender Studies; and Race, Class and Ethnicity.



Students majoring or minoring in American Studies work closely with the department’s undergraduate advisor in putting together an approved individualized plan of study including coursework both in American Studies and related departments. The major in American Studies totals 36 hours of interdepartmental coursework. Junior majors with at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA are encouraged to apply for the department’s Honors option. Nine hours of American Studies coursework may also be used to satisfy selected Arts and Sciences group requirements in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences or Fine Arts. American Studies 182 and 185 fulfill the Core Curriculum Social Sciences requirement. American Studies 186 fulfills the Humanities requirement.


Vera Norwood

Interim Department Chair

Humanities Building, Room 419

277-3929 (Dept. Office)


Rebecca Schreiber
Graduate Advisor
Humanities Bldg., Rm. 426
277-3929 (Dept. Office)
David Correia
Undergraduate Advisor
Humanities Bldg., Rm. 440
277-3929 (Dep. Office)



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