American Studies Film List



A Boy Named Sue. Julie Wyman, 2000. 56 minutes   DVD Format

A Conversation with Academics about Selena. Lourdes Portillo 58 minutes DVD Format

Affluenza. (dubbed). 1997.  Dir. John de Graaf.  57 min.

Agueda Martínez:  Our People, Our Country.  1977.  Esperanza Vargas

America:  A Look Back (Series of 11 tapes arranged in chronological order)

            Meet George Washington

            The Journals of Lewis and Clark

            The Real West

            The Civil War

            Mark Twain’s America

            The Innocent Years

            The Great War

            The Jazz Age

            Life in the Thirties

            Victory at Sea

            Not So Long Ago.

American Jobs.   Dir. Greg Spotts, 2004   DVD Format

An American Love Story  (PBS series - two episodes per tape)  Dir. Jennifer Fox, 1999

            Volume 1: Welcome to America and A Piece of the Puzzle is Missing

            Volume 2: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up and It’s Another New Year and I Ain’t Gone

            Volume 3: Chaney and the Boy and You and Me Against the World

            Volume 4: True Love and Marion Truth

            Volume 5: It’s my Job and We Were Never Ozzie and Harriet

American Photography: A Century of Images (PBS documentary, 3 tapes, 1999)

American Visions: The History of American Art & Architecture (PBS Series, 1996)

            Volume 1: The Republic of Virtue

            Volume 2: The Promised Land

            Volume 3: The Wilderness and the West

            Volume 4: The Guilded Age

            Volume 5: A Wave from the Atlantic

            Volume 6: Streamlines and Breadlines

            Volume 7: The Empire of Signs

            Volume 8: The Age of Anxiety

Animaquiladora. Lalo Lopez & Alex Rivera. 1997. 10 min.

Appalachian Journey. (dubbed)  1998.  Dir. Alan Lomax, et. all. 60 min.

Bananas is my Business:  Carmen Miranda.  1994.  Helen Solburg. 90 min.

Black Shadows on a Silver Screen. (dubbed) 1986.  Dir. Steven York.  55 min.

Born in Flames.  1983.  Dir. Lizzie Borden. 90 min.

Bowling for Columbine.  Dir. Michael Moore, 2002   DVD Format

Bronze Screen: 100 years of Latino Image in Hollywood.  HBO/Cinemax.

Cadillac Desert: Water and the Transformation of Nature. 1997. Narrated by Alfrie Woodard

            Program 1: Mulholland’s Dream. 85 minutes

            Program 2: An American Nile. 55 minutes

            Program 3: The Mercy of Nature. 55 minutes

            Program 4: Last Oasis. 55 minutes

Call of the Jitterbug. (dubbed on the same tape with Appalachian Journey. 1988.  Dir. Tana Ross. 

35 min.

Caught Between Two Countries:  A Border School Crisis.  1996.  Dir. Kevin Richard Lee.  28

min. (2 copies)

Celebrating Bird:  The Triumph of Charlie Parker.  1987.  Dir. Gary Giddons. 59 min.

Celluloid Closet. 1996. Dir. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman. 102 min.

The Century: America’s Time with Peter Jennings (ABC News/History Channel series)

            Volume 1: The Beginning/The ’20s

            Volume 2: The ’30s

            Volume 3: The ’40s

            Volume 4: The ’50s & ’60s

            Volume 5: The ’70s

            Volume 6: The ’80s & ’90s

Charlie Rose w/ Henry Louis Gates & Cornel West. April 5, 1996

Classical Images:  A Concert in Nature.  1990.  Alan Henry Coats. 45 min.

Clockwork.  1982.  Eric Breichbart.  25 min.

Color Adjustment. (dubbed) 1992.  Marlon T. Riggs. 88 min.

Colores! Series Distributed by KNME, Channel 5

            Blackdom. 1997, 30 minutes

En Divina Luz. 1990, 30 minutes

            Growing Up Navajo: Teens on the Rez. 2000, 30 minutes

            The Heavens. 1993, 30 minutes

Hopi Prophecy. 1991, 30 minutes

Jimmy Santiago Baca. 1990, 30 minutes

            New Mexico’s Nuclear Enchantment. 1991, 30 minutes

            Pueblo Peoples: First Contact. 1990, 30 minutes

            Trinity: Getting the Job Done. 1995, 60 minutes

            An Understated Sacredness. 1990, 30 minutes

Conversation with Academics About Selena. Dir. Lourdes Portillo. DVD Format

Corpus:  A Home Movie for Selena. 1998.  Dir. Lourdes Portillo. 47 min.

Cowgirls: Portraits of American Ranch Women.   Dir. Nancy Kelly, 1991

Cronkite Remembers.

Desert Rose, The Struggle to Organize Healthcare Workers in New Mexico, 2002.

The Devil Never Sleeps.  1994.  Dir. Lourdes Portillo.  87 min.

Dream Worlds:  desire, sex, power in music video.  (dubbed) 1995. (3 copies). Dir. Sut Jhally. 57


El Senador.

Ellis Island (History Channel Series, 3 volumes, 1997)

Empire of the Air: The Men who Made Radio.  1991.  Ken Burns.

Ethnic Notions.  (dubbed) 1994. Marlon T. Riggs. Esther Rolle.  57 min.

Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworker’s Struggle. 1996. Dir. R. Telles & R. Tejada-Flores. 116 min.

Firing Line:  Politically Correct Debate. (dubbed)

Food for Body and Spirit:  A Taste of China series.

Freedom to Mary: The Journey to Justice. 2004. Dir. Carmen Goodyear & Laurie York. DVD

From the Heart of the World:  The Elder Brothers Warning.  1993.  Dir. Alan Ereira.  60 min.

Gates of Heaven.  Dir. Errol Morris, 1980.  85 minutes (dubbed)

The Grand Army of Starvation.  Dir. Stephen Brier

Great Events of the 20th Century Series

            Volume 1: 1900 – 1912           46 minutes

            Volume 2: 1913 – 1926           46 minutes

            Volume 3: 1927 – 1939           46 minutes

            Volume 4: 1939 – 1953           57 minutes

            Volume 5: 1953 – 1968           59 minutes

            Volume 6: 1969 – 1981           59 minutes

            Volume 7: 1982 – 1995           59 minutes

The Great Inca Rebellion. From Nova/National Geographic Television. 2006.

The Great Mojado Invasion (The Second U.S.-Mexican War). 2001. Dir. Guillermo Gómez-PeĖa

Headline Stories of the Century. Newsreels from 1920 – 1965.

Hearts and Minds. (Vietnam).  1974.  Dir. Bert Schneider.

Heaven will Protect the Working Girl: Immigrant Women in the Turn of the Century.  Dirs. Bender, Brown, Vasquez

Hell or High Water

The Hopi. From the American Indian Video Series. 1982.

Hopi Prophecy:  Land and Life Japan.  1987.  Dir. Kiyoshi Miyata.  75 min.

Hopi:  Songs of the Fourth World.  Ferrero Films.

How Else Am I Supposed to Know I’m Still Alive.  1993.  Dir. José Luis Valenzuela.  33 min.

The Hunt for Pancho Villa. Dir. Paul Espinosa.

Imagining Indians.  1994. Dir. Victor Masayesva, Jr.  1 hr. and 30 min.

In the Life:  Highlights/Vol. I.  Dir. Bob Diamond.  45 min.

In the Life with Dick Sargent.  1992.  Dir.  Bob Diamond.  30 min.

In the Life with Lily Tomlin.  1992.  Dir. Bob Diamond. 30 min.

International Sweethearts of Rhythm.  (2 copies) Schiller & Weiss, 1986.

The Iron Road. 1990. From The American Experience series. 60 minutes

Is Wal-Mart Good for America? 2004. From PBS’ Frontline Series. 60 min.

Joan Does Dynasty

Journey of Man 2004. From PBS Home Video. 120 min.

The Judds. (dubbed).

Keeping the Earth: Religious & Scientific Perspectives on the Environment. 1996. Narrated by James Earl Jones. 27 min.

La Ofrenda:  The Day of the Dead.  1988.  Dir. Lourdes Portillo.  56 min.

Labor Movement:

To Dream. Produced by the AFL-CIO. 1985. 12 min.

            Singing for the Union. Produced by the Labor Institute of Public Affairs. 1985. 30 min

            Would You Cross a Picket Line? 13 min.

Lady Day:  the many faces of Billie Holiday. 1991.  Matthew Seig, Ruby Dee. 60 min.

The Lemon Grove Incident.  Prod & Dir by Paul Espinosa.  (acquired 2003)

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. 1997. Dir. Ken Burns. 240 minutes

Liberty Weekend produced by ABC News, documents the 4th of July Celebration 1986.

Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter by Connie Field.  (acquired 2003)

Life Magazine in Camelot:  The Kennedy Years.

Los Mineros. Dir. Paul Espinosa.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Maquilapolis: City of Factories. 2006. 68 minutes DVD Format

Memories of the 1960s. (A series of 5 cassettes)






Midnight Ramble:  The Story of the Black Film Industry.  (dubbed). 1994.  Dir. Bestor Cram. 

Pearl Bowser.

The Missions of California. 1998. Narrated by R.J. Adams. 58 minutes

Mujería I:  The Olmeca Rap. 5 min.

Mujería II:  Primitive and Proud.  17 min.

Navajo Talking Picture. (dubbed) 1987.  Dir. Arlene Bowman. 25 min.

Navajo Weaver: Susie Benally.

The New Asylums. 2004. From PBS’ Frontline Series

New York: A Documentary Film (PBS Series, 1999)

            Episode 1: 1609-1825 – The Country and the City

            Episode 2: 1825-1865 – Order and Disorder

            Episode 3: 1865-1898 – Sunshine and Shadow

            Episode 4: 1898-1918 – The Power and the People

            Episode 5: 1919-1931 - Cosmopolis

Paul Robeson:  Here I Stand.  1999.  Dir.  St. Clair Bourne.  117 min.

The Performed World.  58:40

Pioneers of Television. 2008. PBS Home Video, 240 minutes. DVD Format

The Power of Water. National Geographic Society, 55 minutes

Profile of a Writer: Toni Morrison. 52 min.

Prostitution:  A Matter of Violence Against Women.  52 min.

The Pure.  Dir. Scott Rankin.  58 min.

Quilts in Women’s Lives.  Ferrero Films

Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles.

Redwood Summer.  1992.  30 min.

Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew. 2000. Dir. Drew Hayden Taylor, 55 minutes

Remembered Earth: New Mexico’s High Desert. 2006. From Idaho Public Television. DVD

Return of Navajo Boy. dubbed

Ritual Clowns.  1988.  Dir. Victor Masayesva, Jr.  18 min.

Roots of Rhythm:  A Worldwide Celebration of Latin Music from Africa to the Caribbean and

America with Harry Belafonte.  (A Set of 3 cassettes—“Across the Ocean,” “The Fiery Romance,” and “To the Top of the Charts”). Dir. Howard Dratch and Eugene Rosow.

Savage Acts: Wars, Fairs & Empire 1989-1904.  Dirs Bender, Brown, Vasquez.

Secret History of…Sideshows and Showman. 1999. The Learning Channel. 50 minutes

Seneca Reflections:  Celebrating 150 Years of Women’s Rights.  1998.  24 min.

Senorita Extraviada: Missing Young Woman, 2002.  Lourdes Portillo

Significant Hazards.  1984. Dir. Lee Richardson, Berstror Cram, Charles Meyer.  24 min.

Singer, Beverly R.  1994 Video Book.  6 min.

Sitting Bull & the Great Sioux Nation. 1993. The History Channel’s Real West series. 50 minutes

Smothered.  2002 Dir M. Muldaur.

The Spirit of Crazy Horse.  1990.  Dir. James Locker.  60 min.

A Spirited Place: The Arts of New Mexico. 1990. Produced by Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of New Mexico. 60 minutes

Style Wars.  Tony Silver & Henry Chalfant

Suburbia (aka Rebel Streets).  Dir. Penelope Spheeris, 1984.  94 minutes (dubbed)

Tapping the Legacy:  Seeking a Sustainable Water Supply.  Prod. for Public Works Dept. City of

Albuquerque.  27:57 min.

The Times of Harvey Milk.  1985.  Dir. Robert Epstein, et. al. 60 min.

Tierra o Muerte.

To Protect Mother Earth (Broken Treaty II).  1989.  Dir.  Joel Freedman.  59 min.

Toilet Training. Director Tara Matiek. 30 minutes  DVD Format

Tongues Untied.  Director:  Marlon Riggs.  55 minutes

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – abridged dramatization of the book by Harriet Beecher Stowe.  57 min.

Up South: African-American Migration in the Era of the Great War.  Dirs. Vasquez, Bender & Brown

Varela, William – Eight Super 8 Films by Willie Varela.  55 min.

            Recuerdos de Flores Muertas

            James Brounghton

            George Kinchar

            Becky’s Eye

            Stan and Jane Brakhage

            Fearless Leader

            Sound Decisions

            In Progress

Vernon, Florida.  Dir. Errol Morris, 1981. 56 minutes (dubbed)

Vietnam:  A Television History.  Homefront USA/ Vol. 6.  “The End of the Tunnel/1973-75.

Walk Like a Man.  Dir. Arnie Lerner, 1997.

The Way West. 1995. Dir. Ric Burns

            Westward, the Course of Empire Takes Its Way (1845 – 1864)

            The Approach of Civilization (1865 – 1869)

            The War for the Black Hills (1870 – 1876)

            Ghost Dance (1877 – 1893)

We Interrupt this Program:  Featuring 3 Historic TV News Dramas.

4 April 1968 – the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

14 June 1985 – the hijacking of TWA Flight #847

17 October 1989 – San Francisco earthquake

We Shall Overcome:  The Song that Moved a Nation.  1989.  Dir.  Jim Brown.  58 min.

Who Owns the Past?: The American Indian Struggle for Control of Their Ancestral Remains. 1999. Director Jed Riffe. 56 minutes

Woven by the Grandmothers: 19th Century Navajo Textiles. 1998. 30 minutes

Yo Soy Chicano.  1972.  Dir.  Jesús Salvador TreviĖo.  60 min.


Feature Films


2001:  A Space Odyssey.  Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1968

All Over Me. Dir. Alex Sichel, 1997 DVD Format

American Me.  Dir. Edward James Olmos, 1992

American Tragedy.  Lawrence Schiller/Norman Mailer. 2000.  DVD format

The Americanization of Emily.  Dir. Arthur Hiller, 1964

Amores Perros.  Dir. Emilio Echevarría, 2000 DVD format

. . . and the Earth did not Swallow him.  Dir. Severo Pérez, 1995

And Starring PanchoVilla as Himself. Dir. Bruce Beresford, 2004  DVD format

The Atomic Cafe   Dir. Pierce Raffety, Jayne Loader, 1982

The Atomic City, Dir Jerry Hopper, 1952

The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez.    Dir. Robert M. Young, 1983

Basic Instinct.   Dir.  Paul Verhoeven, 1992

The Best Years of Our Lives.  (2 copies)  Dir. William Wyler, 1946

Blood In,  Blood Out:  Bound by Honor.    Dir. Taylor Hackford, 1993

Blood of Jesus.    Dir. Spencer Williams, 1941

A Boy and His Dog. (dubbed)   Dir. L.Q. Jones, 1975

Boys Don’t Cry.   Dir. Kimberley Peirce, 1999

The Brave One.    Dir. Michel Ray, 1956

Bread and Roses.    Dir. Ken Loach, 2000  DVD format

Break of Dawn.  (originally released in    )  Dir. Isaac Artenstein, 1990

Brokeback Mountain.  Dir. Ang Lee, 2006    DVD Format

But I’m a Cheerleader.  Dir. Jamie Babbit, 2000

Cabeza de Vaca.    Dir. Nicolás Echevarría, 1992

Cannery Row.

Captain from Castile. Dir. Henry King, 1947

Chasing Amy.    Dir. Kevin Smith, 1997

Chinatown. Dir. Roman Polanski, 1974

Cinderella. (Disney feature cartoon).    Dir. Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, 1950

The City (La Ciudad). Dir. David Riker, 1999 In Spanish & English, with subtitles

The Color Purple.    Dir. Steven Spielberg, 1985

Crash. Dir. Paul Haggis, 2004

A Day Without a Mexican. Dir. Sergio Arau, 2004

Daughters of the Dust.    Dir. Julie Dash, 1991

Do the Right Thing.    Dir. Spike Lee, 1989

Dumb and Dumber.  (dubbed).   Dir. Peter Farelly, Bobby Farelly, 1994

EdTV.  (dubbed).    Dir. Ron Howard, 1999

El Norte.   Dir. Gregory Nava, 1984

E.T.    Dir. Steven Spielberg, 1982

Far from Heaven. Dir. Todd Haynes, 2003

Fatal Attraction.    Dir. Adrian Lyne, 1987

Fatal Attraction.  (dubbed)  Dir. Adrian Lynne, 1987

Giant.    Dir. George Stevens, 1956

Girlfight.    Karyn Kusama, 2000

Go Fish. Dir. Rose Troche, 1994 DVD Format

The Graduate.    Dir. Mike Nichols, 1967

Grand Avenue.    Dir. Daniel Sackheim, 1996

The Great Outdoors.    Dir. Howard Deutch, 1988

The Green Berets. Dir. John Wayne and Ray Kellogg, 1968

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.  Dir. Stanley Kramer, 1967

Hairspray.    Dir. John Waters, 1988

Into the Wild. Dir. Sean Penn, 2007   DVD Format

It’s A Wonderful Life.   Dir. Frank Capra, 1947

Juárez.   Dir.  William Dieterle, 1939

Junior Bonner.  Dir. Sam Peckinpah, 1972

Jurassic Park.  (dubbed).  Dir. Steven Spielberg, 1993

King Of Jazz.  (musical).  Dir. John Murray Anderson, 1930

La Bamba.    Dir. Luis Váldez, 1987

La Pastorela.  Dir. Luis Váldez. (theater production)

Last Temptation of Christ.   Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1988

Lethal Weapon.    Dir. Richard Donner, 1987

Lone Star.    Dir. John Sayles, 1996

Love Story.  (2 copies).    Dir. Arthur Hiller, 1960

Making Love.    Dir. Arthur Hiller, 1982

Men with Guns.  Dir. John Sayles, 1998

The Little Mermaid.  (Disney feature cartoon).  Dir. John Musker, Ron Clements, 1989

Mi Vida Loca/My Crazy Life.    Dir. Allison Anders, 1994

Midnight Cowboy.    Dir. J. Schlesinger, 1969

The Milagro Beanfield War.   Dir. Robert Redford, 1988

Mildred Pierce.    Dir. Michael Curtiz, 1945 (2 copies)

The Misfits.  (dubbed).  Dir. John Huston, 1961

Modern Times.    Dir. Charlie Chaplin, 1936

Motel Hell.  (dubbed and on the same tape as Fatal Attraction).  Dir. Kevin Connor, 1980

Natural Born Killers.    Dir. Oliver Stone, 1994

Night of the Living Dead.    Dir. George A. Romero, 1968

Nobody’s Girls:  Five Women of the West.  1995.

The Omen.  Dir. Richard Donner, 1976

Paris Blues.   Dir. Martin Ritt, 1961

Pinero.    Dir Leon Ichaso, 2001

Pleasantville.    Dir. Gary Ross, 1998

Pocahontas.  (Disney feature cartoon).    Dir.  Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg, 1995

Pretty Woman.    Dir.  Garry Marshall, 1990

Pumping Iron.    Dir. Robert Fiore, George Butler II. (dubbed and on the same tape as Fatal Attraction), 1976

A Question of Silence.    Dir. Marleen Gorris, 1991

Quiz Show.    Dir. Robert Redford, 1994

Rambo:  First Blood Part II.    Dir.  George P. Cosmatos, 1985

Rebel Without a Cause.  (2 copies)  Dir. Nicholas Ray, 1955

The Ring.  (dubbed). 1958.

Robocop.    Dir. Paul Verhoeven, 1987

Salt of the Earth.    Dir. Henry Biberman, 1954

Sankofa.  Dir. Haile Gerima.

Saturday Night Fever.    Dir. John Badham, 1977

Scar of Shame.    Dir. Frank Peregini, 1927

Scarface.  Dir. Richard Rosson, Howard Hawks, 1932

School Daze (dubbed on Midnight Ramble tape/beauty parlor scene).    Dir. Spike Lee, 1988

The Searchers.  (2 copies)  Dir. John Ford, 1956

Seguín. Dir. Jesús Salvador TreviĖo, 1982

Shane.   Dir. George Stevens, 1952

Sleeping Beauty.  (Disney feature cartoon). 1959.

Some Like it Hot. (2 copies).  Dir. Billy Wilder, 1959

Spaceballs. (dubbed).    Dir. Mel Brooks, 1987

Splendor in the Grass.  Dir. Elia Kazan, 1961

Stand and Deliver.   Dir. Ramon Menendez, 1988

Star Wars.    Dir. George Lucas, 1976

Sugarcane Alley.    Dir. Euzhan Palcy, 1983

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song.    Dir. Melvin Van Peebles, 1971

Swingers. Dir. Doug Liman

Tell Them Willie Boy is Here. Dir. Abraham Polonsky, 1970

The Terminator.    Dir. James Cameron, 1984

The Terminator Collection.  Dir. James Cameron.

            includes The Terminator and Terminator II:  Judgement Day.

Thelma and Louise. Dir. Ridley Scott, 1991

The Thin Red Line. Dir. Terrence Malick, 1998  DVD Format

Tortilla Flat.  (2 copies).  Dir. Victor Fleming, 1942

Transamerica. (2 copies) Dir. Duncan Tucker, 2005 DVD Format

The Truman Show.    Dir. Peter Weir, 1998

Viva Las Vegas. Dir. George Sidney, 1963

The Watermelon Woman.  Dir. Cheryl Dunye, 1997

West Side Story.    Dir. Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins, 1961

Whale Rider. Dir. Niki Caro, 2003 DVD Format

Where the Boys Are.    Dir. Henry Levin, 1960

Within Our Gates.  (Part of The African American Cinema I series).  Dir. Oscar

Micheaux, 1919

Woman of the Year. (dubbed).  Dir. George Stevens, 1942

Working Girl.    Dir. Mike Nichols, 1988

The World of Suzie Wong. (dubbed).  Dir. Richard Quine, 1960

Zoot Suit.   Dir. Luis Váldez, 1981


Television Episodes


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.  (2 episodes): 

All in the Family:  20th Anniversary Special.  1991.

Beavis and Butthead:  Chicks n’ Stuff.

The Brady Bunch.  (2 episodes):  “Honeymoon” (1st episode of series) and “Here We Go

Charlie’s Angels.  Angels in Chains  (2 episodes)

Classic TV From the 50s and 60s:  Animated Commercials

Ellen Series Finale

Ellen: Out on Oprah and The Episode and Primetime Live: Ellen’s Folks

Gidget: Beach Blanket Gidget (3 episodes)

Goldberg, Whoopi.  Whoopi Goldberg Live.  1985.

Honeymooners.  (2 episodes):  “TV or not TV” and highlights

Howard Stern.

I Dream of Jeannie – A Genie in Training (3 episodes)

I Dream of Jeannie – Jeannie’s Seein’ Stars (3 episodes)

I Love Lucy.

LA Law (dubbed on same tape with Northern Exposure)

Law and Order (dubbed)

Madonna A&E documentary and “Like a Virgin” and “Erotica” videos. (dubbed).

My So Called Life (dubbed on same tape with Roseanne: Thelma & Louise)

Northern Exposure (dubbed 1st episode on same tape with LA Law).

Roseanne (dubbed March 1, 1994)

Roseanne:  Interview with Larry King. (on same tape with Roseanne 3/1/94)

Roseanne: Thelma & Louise/Riot Grrlz and Darlene’s Wedding

Roseanne: Darlene & boyfriend and Death of Father

The Simpsons.

The Simpsons, Best of.

South Park.

Star Trek: Klingon O. (on tape with Roseanne: Darlene & boyfriend)

The Story of Television, 1956(?)

Television – The First 50 Years (2 tape set) 1998.

“Why Women Kill:  Abuse and Violence” recorded from A&E Investigative Reports and “The Battered Wife Defense:  Loreena Bobbitt and Others” recorded from A&E American Justice

“Violence on TV” recorded from A&E Investigative Reports and Homicide: Life on the Streets