Anita Obermeier Curriculum Vitae March 2011
Department of English
University of New Mexico

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UNM: 2001-
Engl. 304 The Bible as Literature
Engl. 306 Arthurian Legends: Medieval to Modern
Engl. 315 Introduction to Medieval Culture
Engl. 351 Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Engl. 351 Chaucer’s Love Visions
Engl. 449/549 Middle English Dialects
Engl. 450/550 Middle English Heroes, Saints, and Lovers
Engl. 451/551 Uppity Medieval Women
Engl. 451/551 Medieval Lyrics
Engl. 581 Chaucer’s Women
Engl. 650 The Gawain-Poet
Engl. 650 Chaucer and Friends: Post-Plague ME Authors
Engl. 680 Malory’s Morte Darthur: Sources and Successors

UCLA: 1992
Engl. 141A Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Engl. 180 Medieval Lyric Senior Seminar

ASU: 1986-2001
Engl. 101 Modes of Expository Writing
Engl. 102 Research-based Writing
Engl. 150 Introduction to English Literature for Non-Majors
Engl. 200 Critical Reading & Writing about Literature for English Majors
Engl. 201 Heroes and Lovers: Part I of World Literature
Engl. 221 Early British Literature Survey
Engl. 222 Later British Literature Survey
Engl. 301 Professional Writing
Engl. 345 Medieval Literature in Translation
Engl. 345 Medieval Lyrics
Engl. 355 History of Drama
Engl. 356 Bible as Literature
Engl. 415/545 Medieval English Literature (Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Middle English)
Engl. 416/545 Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Engl. 417/545 Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde and Minor Poems

Doctoral Advisement

Chair, Dissertation Committees: English
Marisa Sikes, “Molding Women: Rhetorical Constructions of Authority in Late Medieval Conduct Literature.” In Progress.
Christine Kozikowski, “Reading Privacy in Middle English Texts, 1350-1450: Private Space, Public Face.” In Progress.
Cynthia Fillmore, “Satan, Saints, and Heretics: The History of Political Demonology in the Middle Ages.” English 2008. (Adjunct Faculty at UNM and UNM Valencia)

Member, PhD Dissertation Committees:
Donna Ray (History), “‘There is a Threeness about You’: Trinitarian Images of God and Self among Medieval Women Visionaries.” In Progress.
Shannon McCabe, Anglo-Saxon Poetics in the Thesaurus of George Hickes: A Translation, Analysis, and Contextualization.” English 2010
Kim Klimek, “‘Forgetting the Weakness of Her Sex and a Woman’s Softness’: Historians of the Anglo-Norman World and Their Female Subjects.” History 2009. (Tenure-track faculty member at Metropolitan College, Denver, Colorado)
Rachel Harmon, “Daughters of Eve: Childbirth in Faulkner, Hemingway, and the Real World.” English 2009. (Peace Corps)
Karmen Lenz, “Images of Psychic Landscape in the Meters of King Alfred’s Froferboc.” English 2004. (Tenure-track faculty at Macon State University, Macon, Georgia)
Lia Ross, “Decadence in 15th-century Burgundy.” History 2004.
Logan Greene, “The Rhetoric of Hysteria.” English 2004. (Tenure-track faculty at Eastern Washington University, Spokane, WA)
Dilyara Doyanova, “The Festival of Degeneration: Body, Carnivalesque and Naturalism in Zola and Dostoevsky.” Foreign Languages and Literatures 2004.

Chair, PhD Committees on Studies: English
David Lawrence
Lisa Myers
Ketievia Segovia
Francesca Tuoni

Member, PhD Committees on Studies: English
Janelle Ortega
Doug van Benthuysen

Master’s Advisement

Chair of Sarah Baechle’s MA Thesis Committee, “Chaucer’s Sources and “auctoritee” in the ‘Wife of Bath’s Prologue’.” UNM 2007.

Member, MA Committee on Studies:
Bram Cleaver (2011)
Lisa Myers (2009)
Amelia Ranney (2008)
Chris Hallada (2005)

Member, Jane Mund’s MA Thesis Committee, Kassandra: Neuschreibung einer Geschichte oder neue Geschichtsschreibung? ASU 2001.
Member, Christie Priem’s Master’s Thesis Committee: “Heidi and Das Doppelte Lottchen: Their Journeys from Book to Film.” ASU 2000.
Member, Johanna Wood’s Master’s Thesis Committee, “Negative Concord in the Paston Letters.” ASU 1997.
Member, Andrew Carmichael’s Master’s Thesis Committee, “Guilt in Franz Kafka’s Das Schloß.” ASU 1996.
Member, Hanaa Fawzy’s Master’s Thesis Committee, “Love and Death in the Stories of Louise Kaschnitz.” ASU 1995.

Bachelor’s Honors Advisement

Reader, Katherine Kontos’s Honors Thesis: “Magic and Medicine in Ireland and Anglo-Saxon England.” History Dept. UNM 2010.
Director, Sarah Baechle’s Honors Thesis: “Castration Mythology in Arthurian Literature.” UNM 2003-04.
Director, Chris Hallada’s Honors Thesis: “The Articulation of Power in Charles Williams’ Arthurian Cycles.” UNM 2002.
Director, Kendra Smith Patterson’s Honors Thesis: “Écriture Féminine? An Exploration of the Female Voice in the Trobairitz' Cansos.” ASU 2000.
Director, Moeur Award Winner Kristi Thompson’s Honors Thesis: “The Psychology of Wilderness: Christianity as the Catalyst of Change in the Portrayal of the Natural World in Old and Middle English Literature.” ASU 1999.

Undergraduate Student Mentoring

Reader, Katherine Kontos’s Honors Thesis: “Magic and Medicine in Ireland and Anglo-Saxon England.” History Dept. UNM 2010.
Directed the Independent Study of Sarah Baechle on the Pearl-Poet, UNM 2003.
Directed the Independent Study of Connie Bangal: “The Poetic Voices of the Trobairitz,” ASU 1999.

Directed the Independent Study of Sun Angel Foundation Scholarship winner Michael Mayer: “Margery Kempe and Autohagiography.” ASU 1998.
Directed Lindsay Holmgren’s internship at the Office of the Governor of Arizona, ASU 1995.

ilingual in German and English.

Very strong reading knowledge of Classical and Medieval Latin, Old and Middle High German, Old English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

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