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Application Materials for Graduate Program in Art Education


If you are interested in more specific information about the Master's program in art education and/or applying, request the application and instruction forms from:

Art Education Program
MSC05 3040 
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-1231

Application Requirements and Materials Needed

Before applying to the Master's program in art education, an applicant must have the following minimum academic prerequisites:

  1. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited university, which includes at least 24 hours combined of art, art history, and/or art education coursework with at least a "B" average (3.0 grade-point average GPA);
  2. A 3.0 overall GPA in the applicant's last two years of undergraduate work. Application to the K-12 art teaching licensure emphasis requires additional prerequisites. Also see the appropriate sections of the University Catalog for general prerequisites and application procedures for graduate study at The University of New Mexico.

Application Process

Applying to the Master's degree program requires a joint application to:

  • the Art Education Program and
  • the UNM Office of Admissions.

Two sets of application materials are required; one set is sent directly to the U.N.M. Office of Admissions (Attention: Graduate Studies), and one is sent directly to the Art Education Program.

Office of Graduate Studies Application Materials

The Office of Admissions uses an application process which is a collection of forms and instructions contained in a packet which will be sent to you by the Art Education Program upon request.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester - March 30
Spring Semester - October 30



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