Par Stud
University of New Mexico  


MA Exam Exhibition
Part I

Works by:

Adela Chavez
Marshall Hastings
Valerie Ozaksut
Donna Simmons


The Masley Art Gallery, under the direction of the Art Education faculty, exhibits art for four purposes that reflect various aspects of art education.

  • We invite art education students to show their art to express and enhance their learning.
  • Faculty members exhibit their art works to share their creative research.
  • We invite art teachers, school-age students, and other community members to display their art for special shows to offer opportunities for the university community to experience their art and insights.
  • Finally we organize or host exhibitions to provide knowledge, experiences, and service to the university community regarding contemporary topics in art and art education.

2013-2015 Gallery Director: Dr. Laurel Lampela

2014-2015 Graduate Assistant to the Gallery: Mr. Christopher Bratton

Masley Gallery Schedule 2014-2015

Gallery II Schedule - Masley Hall 2014-2015