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There are three avenues of study in the Art Education Program at the University of New Mexico 

Bachelor of Arts - Art Education

Post-Baccalaurate Visual Art K-12 Licensure

Master of Arts in Art Education


Programs of Study


  MA plus licensure


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Degree Offered: M.A. in Art Education

The graduate program offers course work and experiences leading to a Master of Arts degree in Art Education under Plan I (with a thesis) or Plan II (without a thesis). The M.A. program is oriented toward the development of a professional who has understanding of the core profession of art education as a humanistic discipline and a developing emphasis in a particular area of personal interest related to art education. Emphasis in this graduate program is given to the humanistic aspects of art and education and to a blending of creative work, research, and art pedagogy.

Although the art education program consists of individual faculty with different backgrounds, expertise and philosophies, we tend to agree and emphasize art education foremost as a humanistic profession where the growth and development of the individual is paramount and where the art experience is central to that experience.

Application Requirements and Materials Needed

Before applying to the Master's program in Art Education, an applicant must have the following minimum academic prerequisites:

General Academic Prerequisites: To apply for the art education Master's degree program an applicant must have 1) a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, which includes at least 24 semester hours combined of art, art history, and/or art education course work with a "B" average (3.0 GPA), and 2) a 3.0 overall grade point average in the applicant's last two years of undergraduate work. Applicants must have completed 18 of the required art prerequisites prior to admission. Application to the K-12 ART TEACHING LICENSURE EMPHASIS requires additional prerequisites. Also see the appropriate sections of this University catalog for general prerequisites and application procedures for graduate study at the University of New Mexico.

Earning a master's degree in art education includes completing at least the following requirements:

* Applying and gaining admittance into the Master of Arts degree program in Art Education
* Formation of a graduate faculty committee on studies (including an advisor-chairperson), which helps the student plan a graduate program of studies and conducts the student's master's examination
* In consultation with the student's committee on stuides, submits for approval a planned program of graduate study (course work) which is called a Program of Studies
* Completion of the planned program of studies with at least a "B" average
o Plan I candiates only: completion and acceptance of a master's thesis
* Passing a written and oral master's exam
* Exhibiting at least one artwork done during the Master's program in the annual Graduating Students' Exhibition, which is held every spring
* Fulfilling miscellaneous requirements unique to each student's program of studies (see the appropriate section of the UNM General Catalog - Master's Degrees - for general and specific requirements for a Master's degree).

Core Courses for all M.A. Students:
Art Ed 500 History and Philosophies of Art Education 3
Art Ed 585 Research Applications to Art Education 3
ART ED 590 Current Trends and Issues in Art Education 3

Program of Study for the M.A. - Non-Licensure
Curriculum for graduate students - Plan I with thesis; minimum 24 hours plus thesis. Plan II without thesis; minimum 33 hours plus master's exam.

3 credits research: Working with an advisor students choose a 5xx research
3 credits social and/or cultural studies: Working with an advisor, students
choose a 5xx course that addresses social and cultural issues.

In consultation with the advisor and committe on studies, students choose 9 credits of course work to support learning in an art education supporting area. For example, students may choose supporting areas such as Art Education and Speical Populations, Diversities and Identities, or Imagination and Visual Studies. Students will then choose 9 credits of elective course work to complete their program of studies.

Program of Study for the M.A. - Licensure
A graduate student may elect to attain the MA in Art Education with K-12 New Mexico Art Teaching Licensure. This option requires 36 hours of art prerequisites to include 9 hours of art history and 27 hours of studio art to include drawing (6 hours), a non-drawing studio concentration (9 hours) and studio courses addressing a variety of 2D and 3D mediums.

In addition to the core courses required of all MA students, MA students seeking licensure need to take additional course work for Professional Education for the MA in Art Education with Licensure.
Ed Psy 503 - Principles of Human Development (3)
LLSS 538 - Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Field (3)
Art Ed 310 - Teaching Art in the Elementary School (3)
Art Ed 320 - Teaching Art in Secondary School (3)
Art Ed 400 - Elementary Student Teaching in Art (3)
Art Ed 461 - Student Teaching in the Senior High School (3)
Art Ed 510 - Curriculum Development (3)
Art Ed 53x - Studio Art in the School (3)
Art Ed 53x - Studio Art in the School (3)
Art Ed 565 - Art with the Exceptional Child (3)
Art Ed 566 - Art with At-Risk Students (3)
Art Ed 572 - Art Criticism and Aesthetics for Teachers (3)

Application Materials for the Graduate Program