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There are three avenues of study in the Art Education Program at the University of New Mexico 

Bachelor of Arts - Art Education

Post-Baccalaurate Visual Art K-12 Licensure

Master of Arts in Art Education


Programs of Study

   MA plus licensure
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Visual Art PreK-12 Licensure

The Post Baccalaureate Program is designed for people who already hold a bachelors degree, preferably in Fine Arts, who wish to become certified K-12 art teachers.

A student who wishes to be admitted into the post baccalaureate program in Art Education is required to meet the screening criteria and procedures of the College of Education and Art Education. Screening is done concurrently with the program's prerequisites screening course, Art Education 310, and in some cases Art Education 320.

Upon admission the student is assigned a faculty adviser with whom the student must be in contact on a regular basis and with whom the student will construct an official program of studies. The program of studies is to be drawn up as early as possible after acceptance into the program. The student is required to meet with his or her adviser each semester throughout the program.

It is usually the case that the prospective student will need to take 30 hours of course work in the following areas for their certification:

* Developmental, Psychological and Social Issues in Education
* Teaching Art in the Elementary and Secondary Schools
* Elementary and Secondary Student Teaching
* Three Studio Methods courses
* Teaching Reading in the Content Area

Any other coursework determined necessary by the advisor may be added to the above.

While the coursework requirements are only 30 hours, the student teaching component of the program entails a substantial time investment outside of the University environment. Therefore, many students require four semesters to complete the program, although some are able to complete it in three.