University of New Mexico  


Raye Cohen
Adjunct Lecturer III

Julianne Harvey
Adjunct Lecturer III

Laurel Lampela

Michelle Lemons
Adjunct Lecturer II

Gina Medina-Gay
Adjunct Lecturer II

Nancy Pauly
Associate Professor

Traci Quinn
Adjunct Lecturer II

Patty Savignac
Adjunct Lecturer II

Alice Webb
Adjunct Lecturer II


Emeriti Faculty
Professor Emerita Linney Wix

Professor Emeritus Peter Smith

Professor Emeritus Jim Srubek



Dr. Peter Smith received his Ed.D. in Art Education from Arizona State University. Professor Smith is past President of the Seminar for Research in Art Education of the NAEA. His main research interest is in the history of art education. He has published widely, including the 1996 book, The History of American Art Education: Learning About Art in American Schools. He has exhibited his creative work of opaque watercolor widely and his work is in many public and private collections.