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Raye Cohen
Adjunct Lecturer III

Julianne Harvey
Adjunct Lecturer III

Laurel Lampela

Michelle Lemons
Adjunct Lecturer II

Gina Medina-Gay
Adjunct Lecturer II

Nancy Pauly
Associate Professor

Traci Quinn
Adjunct Lecturer II

Patty Savignac
Adjunct Lecturer II

Alice Webb
Adjunct Lecturer II


Emeriti Faculty
Professor Emerita Linney Wix

Professor Emeritus Peter Smith

Professor Emeritus Jim Srubek



Dr. Linney Wix is Professor Emerita and received her Ph.D. in Educational Thought and Socio-Cultural Studies from the University of New Mexico (2003), her M.Ed. in expressive therapies from Lesley College (1980) and her B.A. in social work and B.F.A.from the University of Montana.

She joined the University of New Mexico Art Education Program's faculty in 1990 teaching in and subsequently directing Art Education's former Art Therapy Emphasis. Dr. Wix retired in 2015 and taught from a multi-disciplinary perspective drawing from studio traditions, Archetypal Psychological Theory and therapeutic and student/artist approaches to art education.

Prof. Wix is the author of Through a Narrow Window: Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and Her Terezin Students. She is a Registered Art Therapist (A.T.R.) with the American Art Therapy Association and a licensed professional art therapist (L.P.A.T.) in New Mexico.

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