Your grade will be based on the total number of points earned for labs completed during the weekly regular class period combined with the number of points earned on a lab to be completed at the UNM Campus Observatory.

Each lab is worth 10 points except the Observatory lab, which is worth 30 points. The outdoor lab is required and must be completed to pass this course.

All labs are due at the end of each class period except for the Observatory lab, which is due during your regular class period the last week of classes.

There will be one lab period for each section that will be intended for the make-up of missed labs – if you have not missed any labs up until that point, you do not need to attend class on that day.

No more than ONE lab can be completed during each lab period, and labs completed outside of the classroom will NOT be accepted. You are urged to contact the TA in advance if you anticipate missing a lab section. Contact the TA also if you need to arrange making up a lab outside of a designated make-up lab period.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that all your labs are completed.