Welcome to the University of New Mexico's Astronomy 101 Laboratory

You are required to complete two separate Observing Projects this semester. The first one is an observation of the Moon and is worth 100 points. The second project is worth 200 points.   

These observations are mandatory to earn a passing grade in this course. 

1. Your first assignment is to observe the Moon. You are to make two naked eye observations of the Moon and record what you see on a Motion of the Sky Observing Sheet. To see an example CLICK HERE. The example observations were made about 2 days apart.

2. For your second assignment you may choose from many tasks. Some require the use of a telescope while others can be seen with the naked eye. Naked eye observations can be made from anywhere such as your backyard or better yet a dark secluded sight away from town. Telescope observations are best done at the
UNM Campus Observatory. If you plan on using the Campus Observatory be sure to take several Telescope Observing Sheets with you. To see an example CLICK HERE. Bring these sheets with you to the Campus Observatory as they are NOT available at the observatory. The Campus Observatory is open only on Friday nights when classes are in session and as weather permits. Check the UNM Campus Observatory webpage before you go.

Start by looking over How to Observe and then study the Summary and Project List of options carefully to determine which tasks best fit your schedule as some will take several weeks while others can be done in a single night. Most single observations are worth 50 points while those that require multiple observations are worth 100 points.

Many of the observations for the second assignment require a few short paragraphs of research on each object. The research can be done on the web or from a textbook. The point of the research is to summarize what you have seen in nature in terms of what you have been taught in the classroom.

Remember that the two observing projects are worth a total of 300 points. By comparison, your normal weekly labs are worth 100 points each.