Professor Lonna Rae Atkeson

Projects: 2006 NM and CO Voter Survey


In 2006, Professor Lonna Atkeson and Colorado State University Professor Kyle Saunders collaborated to field an Internet and mail survey in two of the most anticipated competitive congressional races in the county: New Mexico’s First Congressional District (NMCD1) and Colorado’s Seventh Congressional District (COCD7).

New Mexico passed legislation to implement a statewide 2% audit, beginning in 2008, to ensure the accuracy and fairness of election outcomes. Meanwhile, Colorado has been the frontrunner in the implementation of many innovative election changes, including vote centers, and recent changes to the law mandate a paper trail to ensure voter integrity. Both states have also been early adopters of early voting as well as no excuse absentee voting, resulting in many voters choosing to cast their ballots prior to Election Day. In addition, we were involved in observing and collecting data in these contests and so wished to augment that deeply qualitative knowledge of the district with a quantitative survey.

We were interested in learning about how citizens interact with the election administration process and providing that information to policy makers and other interested actors.

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