Acoustic Phonetics

  • Sound waves
  • Acoustic correlates
    • Frequency (pitch)
    • Intensity (loudness)
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Acoustics of vowels
    • Complex tone
    • Formants
    • F1 X F2 plots
  • Stops
    • Release burst, aspiration, VOT, stop gap
  • Nasals
  • Fricatives
  • Approximants
  • Connected speech
  • Suprasegmental aspects
    • Pitch, intensity contours
    • Acoustic correlates of stress


  • Label axes of waveforms and spectrograms correctly
  • Define pitch and frequency and explain how they are related
  • Define loudness and intensity and explain how they are related
  • Segment speech signals into component phonemes
  • Describe F1 and F2 formant patterns for corner vowels /a/, /i/, and /u/
  • Label corner vowels in spectrograms and F1 X F2 plots
  • Use acoustic cues to identify manner of articulation in spectrograms and waveforms
  • Use acoustic cues to differentiate between voiced and voiceless stops and fricatives
  • Use acoustic cues to determine place of articulation for stops and fricatives
  • Segment waveforms and spectrograms of short utterances


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